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It’s hard to make sense of House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney’s antics. It’s time to move on. As a 40+ year veteran of the Congress arena and GOP politics, I have been cheering for US Rep. Liz Cheney’s success. At least until the past week. Preview Open

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It’s Time for Liz Cheney to Go


House Republicans kept Liz Cheney in her leadership role by a secret vote in February. If there’s a vote in May, she won’t be so lucky.

The Wyoming representative angered many in the base when she joined nine other Republicans to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. As House Republican Conference chair, she holds the third-highest position in minority leadership. Trump supporters found it a betrayal of their party.

Cheney avoided removal with a 145-61 vote in her favor. Anyone with a hint of political acumen or leadership instincts would start mending fences, uniting the caucus, and moving forward. Cheney chose the opposite.

Arizona Rally: The MAGA Main Event


This report follows an earlier report on the “opening acts” at the 19 October 2018, Mesa, Arizona, MAGA rally. The event started after a significant number of people were in the hanger, but while people were still being admitted both into the hanger and then into the overflow viewing area. The organization and execution of the event reflected great professionalism and experience. This set the stage for a successful appearance by the President and Senate candidate Martha McSally, both of whose performances are worth noting. We do not have a Texas-size population, but Arizona punches way above its weight.

Staging: Yuge congratulations to the City of Mesa, the Donald J. Trump MAGA event coordinators, and especially the Mesa Police Department! This event was at least double the size of the 2017 Phoenix rally and had none of the leftist mob drama. To be fair, the choice of terrain favored law enforcement, and discouraged significant trouble, before or after the event. Instead of urban canyons, through which small groups could maneuver and strike, the venue was at the edge of a former Air Force airfield, with open desert on its border.

Arizona Rally: The Opening Act, Oh My!


The Arizona MAGA Rally was another great success, no thanks to the new Arizona Republican Party Chairman. The structure of these rallies is set and well known by now. President Trump is the headliner, and he will bring up a person who he wants to highlight during his speech. Before that, there are a series of opening acts, following the consistent opening ceremony, comprised of: the Pledge of Allegiance, public prayer invocation, and the National Anthem. Stunningly, the new guy in Arizona, Jonathan Lines, managed to mangle both the National Anthem and the opening acts.

Setting the Scene:

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome a new poll showing Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill losing to her likely Republican opponent.  They also shake their heads as more than 30 House Republicans, including several committee chairmen, are retiring and leaving it much tougher for the GOP to hold the majority after the midterm elections.  And they react to Life Time gyms refusing to turn their televisions to cable news channels because they conflict with the gym’s commitment to a “healthy way of life.”

Obamacare expert Phil Klein–who literally wrote the book on Obamacare repeal–says there’s plenty in the House-passed replacement bill for conservatives to love…and hate.

Economics Reporter Joe Lawyer on a key financial reform victory by Republicans that you may have missed.

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Sometimes we need a win. Thanks to the House GOP we’ve got one today per the Washington Examiner: Finally acting on a promise made to House leaders, the Justice Department on Thursday shut off funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” that ignore federal laws and protect illegal immigrants wanted for crimes. Preview Open

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Why the Fracas in the House Is Good News, Not Bad News


shutterstock_225535513Writing over at National Review, Brother Kevin Williamson gets it just exactly right, yet again. An excerpt:

What really has the salon set shaking its head is that the Republican party, which has within it a steep disagreement about tactics, priorities, pace, and style, has decided to settle some of those questions through an authentic democratic process. There is, apparently, going to be a real race for the speaker’s gavel, rather than a negotiated settlement among party leaders organized around the question of whose turn it is. A real democratic fight instead of a backroom party-machine process — that is what CNN calls a House in chaos.

Well, bring on the chaos.

Ryan and Reconciliation Is a Powerful Combination


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, March 6, 2014.Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

As of this writing House Ways and Means chairman Paul Ryan has not decided whether to run for Speaker. He has been bombarded by all the Republican factions. Even Mitt Romney says the Wisconsinite can unify the Republican conference and take the job. I applaud Ryan’s leadership and policy skills and think he would make a good speaker.