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“That’s Racist!”


Democrat "Squad"Yes, the phase is casually, dishonestly employed, and so debased as to be largely emptied of moral weight. This is another thing the left has ruined. At the same time, leftist identity politics legitimize preferred forms of segregation, racial favoritism, and ideological policing of color lines.

Demanding “safe spaces” with admission only to specific ethnic groups is segregation. Fiddling with admission criteria to boost or suppress college class membership for a racial group is racial favoritism. And this is raw ideological policing of the color lines:

Rashida Tlaib is Dangerous


It seems that few people are willing to recognize and say these words about Rashida Tlaib: she is dangerous. So I will. I don’t say these words lightly, because they are as destructive as the words that Tlaib utters. The difference is: they’re true.

Missing from the heated discussion about Rep. Tlaib is the larger picture. The media, Left and Right, have either been focusing on whether or not she is anti-Semitic, whether she is only anti-Zionist, whether her comments are “inartful” (as I heard one commentator say, or overhyped, as another writer said. I want to establish the case that Rep. is anti-Semitic, intentional, and strategic in her remarks, and why it matters. And that as long as we get tangled in the details, we won’t see her true aims. First, I will explain that although she was born in Detroit (not in the Middle East), she is very adept in pressing the case for the Palestinians, her parents’ country of origin. In true Palestinian extremist fashion, she is also crafty at demonizing Jews and Israelis through insinuation and lies. Second, I will show why her behavior is not only dangerous to Congress, but to the principles of this country.

Let’s begin with her take on the history of the Middle East. Like many Palestinians, she has a distorted view of the ancient presence of Jews in the region. Recently she made the following remark regarding the Jews who went to Israel after the Holocaust:

House Democrats: *Some* Children’s Lives Matter


Well, House Democrats certainly did not waste any time. Their just-for-show funding bill not only rejects border security funding but also packs in all their abortion absolutist wishes. President Trump cannot trade away pro-life policies for some wall funding, so the House bill to end the government shutdown has been strictly leftist loyalty signaling. Can Democrats in leadership yield on these positions, or are they clinging to the backs of hungry young leftist tigers, who might shred their leaders’ careers in an instant?

The spending bill that Democrats introduced Wednesday includes language specifying that foreign non-governmental organizations that perform abortions consistent with the laws in their country are not ineligible for U.S. family planning funds.

Trump, like all his Republican predecessors since former President Ronald Reagan, cut off family planning funds to organizations that promote abortions for family planning.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are amazed that more than 90 percent of House Democrats either opposed a resolution supporting Immigration and Customs Enforcement or refused to vote on it at all.  They also grumble as deficit projections once again head north of a trillion dollars and the number of food stamp recipients remains stubbornly high in a strong economy.  And they denounce Vladimir Putin’s proposal to allow U.S. investigators to interview the 12 Russians indicted for meddling in the 2016 elections in exchange for allowing the Russians to interview a former U.S. ambassador.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America pop some popcorn  as California Rep. Linda Sanchez says House Democrats need new leadership, leading one Nancy Pelosi ally to suggest such criticism of Pelosi is sexist.  They also shake their heads as feminists, celebrities, and many Democrats are suddenly silent in the wake of extensive sexual misconduct allegations – and settlements – published about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in the New York Times.  And they roll their eyes as the “Tonight Show” embarrassingly fawns over Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic Process at Work


Since the election the Democrats, through their irresponsible and disrespectful colleague in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, have insulted Republicans on countless fronts. They demonize us, misrepresent our goals, exaggerate consequences of potential legislation, and have no interest in treating their counterparts in the Republican Party with simple courtesy. They repeatedly state their disdain for Donald Trump and his administration, criticize every statement that is issued and find nothing to affirm about the other side.

In one way, that’s not surprising. Polarization has risen to a new high. Recalcitrance is practiced like a way of life, and any sign of cooperating is condemned. But I’d hoped that at least a modicum of respect would be shown, however insincere and resented it might be, on the House and Senate floors. I’ve thrown that hope out the window.