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President Trump’s Bar Rescue Plan, Biden’s Demolition Plan


Ballot boxPresident Trump sat down with Jon Taffer, the hospitality industry guru who has a long-running reality television series, Bar Rescue.* Jon Taffer plays a very gruff, hard-nosed businessman with a heart for families caught up in the problems of successful bar management. He was the right interviewer to engage President Trump on the devastated hospitality industry.

It is a lie that we are all in this together. Anthony Fauci is secure in his six-figure taxpayer-funded salary with awesome benefits including a pension that will let him live the rest of his days in the style to which he has become accustomed. His unscientific medical malpractice in this pandemic has greatly harmed the young people and single moms who depend on food and drink service to others for their living. President Trump clearly declares for the forgotten servers, bartenders, cooks, and kitchen staff. Elitists in the punditocracy have taken the same attitude towards these jobs as they earlier did towards manufacturing. Jon Taffer has asked Joe Biden to also sit down with him for the exact same questions. Biden refuses. This really matters in states like Nevada.

Here is the short sit down interview, officially posted on the Las Vegas ABC affiliate Channel 13 YouTube channel:

Membership Challenge, Be Healed


Anyone who visits Ricochet regularly feels drawn to something. I love Ricochet’s podcasts, from the mothership to the latest experiments. I already consider Ricochet the home for the best center-right podcasts on the web. I want to see that family of podcasts thrive.

For a few months I have stared at the progress bar atop the Ricochet homepage and felt vexed that it has not moved far past the midway point. Today I will do my small part to change that by giving three Ricochet memberships to people who are dear to me.

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A while ago, BrentB67 wrote a post about New Yorkers in the context of discussing Trump’s boisterous style- A Question of Trump for Ricochet A prominent Aussie sci-fi writer wrote an article this week describing New York as a surprisingly hospitable town- NYC-The Friendliest Little Town Preview Open

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