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The sheer chutzpah of this scheme: Enforce an “eviction moratorium” to force landlords to keep deadbeat tenants in their properties because of a “housing emergency.” When landlords go bankrupt, state and local governments buy out the “distressed properties” using Federal bailout funds. The now government-owned properties are converted into housing for homeless. The Los Angeles […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Washington, D.C. postponing a COVID vaccine mandate for students 12 years and older after the Daily Signal repeatedly pointed out that the requirement would keep 40 percent of black students in that age range out of school. They also chronicle just how bad New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is – from telling political opponents they don’t belong in the state to falsely indicating that she was against closing schools over COVID. And they walk through the the effort in Los Angeles to force hotels to house the homeless in any vacant rooms they have.


Not All Homeless People Are the Same; Not All Policies Will Work the Same


While on my early morning recreational bike ride this morning I had a conversation with an apparently homeless man who was a real-life reminder that not all “homeless” people are the same, and so policies for dealing with them should probably not be all the same.

The man I talked to was on foot and was looking for a Salvation Army shelter (or presumably some similar overnight sleeping facility that might provide meals). There is no such facility in my town. But I admired the man’s logic for concluding that there must be. He said he observed that he had seen no people sleeping on sidewalks, on benches, or in doorways, so they must be sleeping in a shelter somewhere in town.

This week on Hubwonk, host Joe Selvaggi talks with Stephen Eide, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute about his newly released book, Homelessness in America: The History and Tragedy of an Intractable Social Problem, in which he asserts that a better understanding of the many challenges facing each homeless individual can lead to a tailored and more durable policy solution to this enduring societal problem.


Join Jim & Greg as they discuss a right-leaning candidate looking very competitive in the Los Angeles mayor’s race. They also shudder as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says we may well be headed towards economic “stagflation”. And Jim walks through the facts and fiction as cases of Monkeypox are confirmed in the U.S. and the UK.


It’s Happening Under Our Noses


Meet Amy. Not her real name.

Amy had just turned 12 years of age. She seemed like a normal kid. She went to school, had friends, and made good grades. She resembles the friends your children hang around and maybe invite to your home after school to hang out.

Amy was being trafficked to her mom’s landlord – by her mom – for sexual favors in exchange for lower rent payments and a supply of alcohol and cigarettes. It began when Amy was around 8 or 9 years old.

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Polls show that Americans are increasingly souring on Biden’s “Build Back Better” (Build Back Broke) $5 trillion massive spending boondoggle. That figure comes from the non-partisan analysts at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) who were asked to factor in its costs over a full 10-year period. It is based on the bill the full US […]

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Your Government Inaction: Not Everywhere a Sign


Due to inaction by the local government, the citizens of Austin, Texas actually did something to address their drug-addled bum problem.  An initiative was passed by a large majority to ban camping in public places.  Of course, it is still up to the highly competent and efficient public officials in the city to make the law work.  So as not to unduly inconvenience the demented hobo community, the city is rolling out the enforcement in phases.  Here’s how it’s going so far:

In Phase 1, nothing was done.

San Francisco Is Pure Hell


It is a bit of a cliché to say that San Francisco is a hellhole.

I remember reading in conservative blogs back in the mid-2000s about gay pride parades in the Castro district in which men would masturbate out of windows and on to passersby as part of the procession. When I moved down there in 2008 and worked for the Business section of the San Francisco Examiner, I remember walking through Van Ness and seeing a big, thick, and unmistakably human turd right there on the sidewalk.

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Welcome, once again, to the Cesspool that Seattle (formerly the Emerald City) has become. On the “Homeless” front, we have two stories today. First: Seattle to set up homeless shelters in Downtown and Belltown hotels. Seattle is spending their taxpayers’ money to house their increasingly large homeless population in hotels. I wonder whether that will […]

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The California Homeless Urban Brushfire Fire Season Begins


Vacant lot on residential street near Downtown Los Angeles set ablaze after homeless encampment catches fire on the night of August 19, 2020.

As the only member of my family living in California – specifically, Los Angeles – I have to deal with the common misconceptions of the state: No, one does not go up to celebrities and start talking to them, even just to say how much one likes their work. No, locals generally don’t go to Hollywood; it’s an overpriced, touristy hellscape of traffic with no parking. And no, even if one does go to the beach (many don’t – that hellscape of traffic with no parking thing again), people only swim on the hottest days because the ocean here is icy cold.

Nicole Gelinas joins Seth Barron to discuss recent violence on New York’s Upper West Side, why the decision to house homeless men in nearby hotels isn’t good for them or their neighbors, and the risk that the city faces of losing wealthier residents due to quality-of-life concerns.

Why Are Bus Drivers Anxious?


This article about the death of a  (Seattle-King County) Metro Transit driver is ostensibly about the anxiety of fellow transit operators at the death of one of their co-workers.  The real subject is the source of that anxiety, which is described as an increasing number of “non-destinational riders”. How about that newly-created phrase!  Metro Transit has always had a low-level problem with buses that go through downtown with homeless individuals on their buses, who simply ride around and never leave.  Lately, with the Wuhan Coronavirus reducing ridership by orders of magnitude, coupled with the new policy of everyone riding free, has caused an explosion of literal “Free Riders” who camp out on the Metro buses.

Those drivers’ anxiety isn’t just about the possibility of contracting the disease, but also the behavior of the homeless bus-campers.  The article also describes the “new normal” for the Seattle Navigation Team’s procedures for dealing with local homeless camps and campers.  Camps are multiplying, and the existing ones are growing.

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The title of this morning’s story is “Enough with the Pooping and Peeing, says Downtown Seattle Business.” Beware of the video at the link with uncomfortable content; it was posted on the KOMO-Seattle Web site, so they considered it OK for the average viewer. The homeless and others in downtown Seattle seem to have lost […]

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Heather Mac Donald joins Seth Barron to discuss homelessness on the streets of San Francisco and the city’s wrongheaded attempts to solve the problem.

“San Francisco has conducted a real-life experiment in what happens when a society stops enforcing bourgeois norms of behavior,” writes Mac Donald in City Journal. For nearly three decades, the Bay Area has been a magnet for the homeless. Now the situation is growing dire, as residents and visitors experience near-daily contact with mentally disturbed persons.

Three Cheers for Governor Abbott


Yesterday, October 2, 2019 Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to Austin’s mayor demanding the mayor do something about Austin’s homeless problem. It has been out of control since the City Council passed a law legalizing overnight camping everywhere – except in front of City of Austin offices. As a result, Austin has been turning into San Francisco South-Central.

And if the mayor blows off the Governor? Abbott pledges to use state authority to clean up Austin if the mayor fails to solve the problem by November 1.