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Re: The Corporate Ownership of Homes


Gary Berman just oozes the sense of entitlement and arrogance that typifies globalist oligarchs. His company, Tricon Residential, owns 30,000 single-family homes in the United States and is buying more at the rate of 800 per month. His $5.5 billion corporation (and companies like his) has the resources to snap up the kind of home young families would like to buy. He says it’s OK because “Millennials don’t really want to own homes.”

I tend to disagree, as the father to three “Millennials” and the uncle to several more. Millennials would very much like to own their own homes, despite being propagandized their entire lives to disdain property, to have a preference for “experiences over possessions,” to own nothing and be happy. There are very good reasons for wanting to own property; and very good reason that the oligarchs don’t want you to.

Bert Stratton joins City Journal associate editor Seth Barron to talk about Stratton’s experience as a member of one of the most despised but important professions: landlord.

Stratton is a musician and blogger, but he makes his living managing apartment units and retail space in a suburban neighborhood outside of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He prefers to call himself a “landlord-musician.”

The latest episode of the Young Americans is brought to you by Ricochet (of course), and by the concept of ownership: of libs, an increasingly popular posture on the right, including among young conservatives, and of homes, which young people are apparently not buying. The Young Americans attempt to explore and explain both of these trends, while learning in the end that what mattered most was the friends they made along the way. (Awww…)

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