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The Case Against Hoda Muthana, the ISIS Bride Who Wants to Return to the US


A few days ago I posted an exhortation on not allowing ISIS bride Hoda Muthana, who claims to be an American citizen, back into the country. PJ Media created a timeline of events that surround Muthana. It’s called “The Chilling Timeline of the ISIS Bride Who Wants to Return,” written by Claudia Rosett. Someone had to do it. Most of the mainstream media don’t follow up on things that might upset liberal constituencies. I thought this passage struck home on the media’s lapse and deserves quoting:

In the media coverage of this case, all that bloody record of deliberately inflicted human agony seems to have faded into some remote and misty past, summarized in maybe a sentence or two — or symbolized on the TV news by short video clips of ISIS fighters waving black flags and shooting guns, with no obvious target. As far as I’m aware, no media outlet has so far juxtaposed an interview of Hoda Muthana with such signature ISIS footage as videos of American hostages, on their knees, about to be beheaded by ISIS; or that young Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage.