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Book Review: A Little History of Archaeology


Archaeology is the study of the history of mankind through examining its artifacts. “A Little History of Archaeology,” by Brian Fagan is the study of archaeology through examining its artifacts. The book is part of Yale University Press’s “A Little History” series. It examines different topics in a short and readable, yet comprehensive manner.

In this book, Fagan, an internationally recognized archaeologist, puts archaeology under the microscope. In 40 brief chapters he takes readers through archaeology’s past, going from the dawn of archaeology through to the present.

Following an introductory chapter, Fagan starts by examining the first attempt to treat the study of the past scientifically: Napoleon’s 1798 expedition to Egypt. Napoleon brought a collection of “savants” (literally “wise men”) from France’s academic community to study Egypt. They examined artifacts from Egypt’s past. Among the antiquities found was the Rosetta Stone. (In a later chapter Fagan describes how that was used to decipher hierogylphics.)

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