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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer numbers in Florida showing Hispanic voters leaning toward President Trump and the GOP much more than four years ago. They also roll their eyes at the media’s fluffy coverage of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Jim explains just how light Biden’s campaign schedule is compared to previous nominees. And in another stellar moment for “The Atlantic,” columnist Jemele Hill publicly to vows to lie about country singer Travis Tritt because he blocked her on Twitter.

Promoted from the Ricochet Member Feed by Editors Created with Sketch. Are We Truly Importing Democrats with Immigration?


immigration_flags_mexican_328_rtrThere are plenty of good reasons to be concerned about immigration today. National security is the big one, but there are many other strong arguments. An argument I don’t really understand, though, is the claim that immigration is the scheme by which Democrats have covertly been sneaking new voters into the country.

I understand some of the evidence that people use to support this argument — the percentage of white folks that Romney won was greater than Reagan’s, the change in US immigration policy in the 1960s. Ann Coulter’s most recent book (which I confess I have not read) purportedly makes these claims. The Democrats are bringing droves of immigrants, legal and illegal, to fundamentally change the nation’s voting tendencies. She has asserted as much in interviews.

But there’s an assumption in that argument that too often goes unchallenged. We didn’t win Hispanic voters in 2012, and historically, Hispanic voters tend to vote more Democrat than Republican. Therefore, the increase in Hispanic voters must be the result of coordinated Democrat actions, because they know that Hispanics will always vote for them.