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Two D’s on the Senate Judiciary Committee Refuse to Meet with Amy Coney Barrett


They think they are snubbing her, however, they are really doing her a big favor. Judge Barrett will be spared the inane comments and ugly questions of Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Hirono is just stupid and Blumenthal is just mean. She doesn’t need to waste her valuable time meeting with them before the assault of the hearings. Gives Barrett more time to prepare.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America unload on the media for running with the Buzzfeed story on the Mueller investigation that the Mueller team itself has now debunked, and for piling on a group of high school students over the incident at the Lincoln Memorial before almost any of the facts were in.  Alexandra also explains how Planned Parenthood’s own report for fiscal year 2017-2018 debunks four of it’s most oft-parroted talking points.  And they shake their heads as Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono questions whether a member of the Knights of Columbus can be trusted to hold public office and then suggests a resolution condemning religious tests for nominees addresses a problem that does not exist.

Anti-Christian Bigotry is Alive and Well in Congress but The Knights of Columbus Stand Exuberantly Clad in the Naked Public Square


Those saviors of our Republic, the Democrats, are at it again. Having spared us the dread of Amy Coney Barrett as a Justice of the Supreme Court by having Senator Dianne Feinstein attack her during her confirmation hearings to the US Circuit Court and show us that the Catholic dogma lives loudly within her, the Democrats have struck again. This time, Senators Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono attacked Brian Beuscher, who is up for nomination to the US District Court, for being a member of the “extremist” organization the Knights of Columbus.

Nevermind that there cannot be a religious test for public office, these guys dress funny and do such radical things as drive the elderly to mass, hold fish fries during Lent, focus on charity work for the poor, disabled, and orphaned, and are pro-life. They must be stopped. (This is why JFK was not put on Mt. Rushmore – he was a knight for crying out loud.)

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react as Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick fails even to grasp the timeline of events this summer and then radically walks back her allegations that Brett Kavanaugh drugged and raped girls while in high school.  They also wince as the National Republican Congressional Committee pulls back major support for four embattled House incumbents.  And they roll their eyes as CNN asks Sen. Mazie Hirono if allegations that Kavanaugh threw ice at someone in a car 33 years ago is disqualifying for his bid to be a Supreme Court justice and Hirono gives another ludicrous response.