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The Khmer Holy Trinity: the Mother, the Father, and Lord Shiva


“Venerate the Gods in your home before the one in the vatt (Buddhist monastery).” — Khmer Proverb

Buddhism is the state religion of Cambodia, where 96% of the population consider themselves practitioners of Theravada Buddhism. But when it comes to veneration, the mother and father always come first; veneration of the Buddha is relegated to the very back of the line. To us, our mother and father are what we refer to as the Gods in our home.

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Today, the Moon is passing through the center of the Earth’s shadow. The totality is nearly two hours long, making it the longest total lunar eclipse of this century. Let me tell you a story of how this phenomenon came to be. The story dates all the way back to samudra manthana, the Churning of […]

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