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We’ve covered the physical aspects of a hard disk drive, tonight we’ll touch on the way data is organized on the drive, by covering those two most important topics; keeping secrets and ferreting other people’s out.

In this case describing the times this joke has been used since it was last funny.

We’ll start by deleting files: Let’s say that I’ve got a backlog of old and worn-out memes to purge. That’s no problem, you just move them from the exquisitely detailed and organized archive of these things into the trash can, but that doesn’t actually erase anything. Bill Gates, knowing that we mere mortals are flawed and prone to regret, keeps your trashed files around in case your stale jokes may, someday in the future, be called for again. But we’re stronger than that. So we empty the trash folder (or, pro-tip; on a Windows box if you hold down ‘Shift’ as you delete a file the file doesn’t go to the trash at all; it empties automatically.)

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It is my impression that lower level gov’t employees in the State Dep’t and elsewhere were prosecuted, and many given jail sentences, for less egregious violations of the rules of handling classified documents. Is that accurate? And if so, on what legal basis does FBI Director Comey refuse to prosecute her? I’d like to hear […]

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