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Join Jim and Greg as they enjoy watching former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper blame his ethics problems on “dark money” Republicans after an independent commission found him guilty of improperly accepting gifts while in office. But will it really damage his bid for U.S. Senate? They also shake their heads as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee pretends not to know a group of radicals is claiming several square blocks in Seattle as ” an “autonomous state” that is separate from the United States. And as the cancel culture claims the TV shows “COPS” and “Live: PD,” they fire back at the unhinged push against the Nickelodeon cartoon “Paw Patrol.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan deciding not to launch a GOP challenge to President Trump in 2020. They also examine Jim’s research into the staggering amount of corruption non-profit groups on the right are committing in the name of supposedly helping conservative candidates. Finally, Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper slams socialism and takes on a chorus of boos at the Democratic convention in California.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome the news that tax refunds are now slightly outpacing the amounts issued last year by the IRS.  They also examine the record of the latest Democrat to run for president – former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper – and whether he has any path to victory.  And they get a kick out of New York Sen. Gillbrand insisting she’s not a flip-flopper after running for Congress as a moderate Democrat and now running for president as a ardent progressive.

The Energy Democrat(s)


HickenlooperIt has been axiomatic, in American politics, that it’s hard to beat a southern conservative Democrat. It can be done, of course, but the combination — in recent years, anyway — of moderate conservative populism and Democratic party muscle has been pretty formidable. Southern Democrats were in many ways analogous to western Republicans: a powerful political profile.

As the Democratic party has moved farther and farther to the left, this became less true. Bill Clinton is often overheard to lament his party’s move to the anti-business left. Hillary Clinton, if she runs and if she has any credible primary challengers will have them, probably, from the left side of her party.

So where’s the center of the Democratic party?