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Join Jim and Greg as they react to the news that former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker was trying to prevent reporters Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss from seeing certain documents related to Twitter’s spiking of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. They also dissect Sen. Warnock’s win over Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff and lament that there seem to be no consequences for any major GOP figure for terrible midterm results. And they fume as Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon informs his prosecutors to lessen charges against criminals to prevent suspects from facing deportation.

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I am tired of writing about Donald J. Trump, who has had an awful month. At least since November 8th, when many of his anointed and endorsed candidates either underperformed or lost their elections. But here we go again. Some things need to be said. Again. And probably not for the last time. Sigh. Some […]

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My “Early Election Returns” Scorecard, Part I


We are now t-minus 20 days from the 2022 elections. It’s about now that I customarily begin eyeballing well-crafted public opinion surveys and national and state election dynamics (debates, candidate performance, local issues, etc.), as many campaigns fall by the wayside.

Early voting is well underway in more than a dozen states. We’re in the throes of televised debates, a final round of endorsements, and the final flurry of attack ads and “October surprises.” Lawyers are being hired for the inevitable recounts.

Still on Team Herschel


My Philly friend Christine Flowers has penned an excellent and insightful Substack post about the single-anonymous-sourced hit piece on Georgia Republican US Senate candidate and football legend Herschel Walker. He has repeatedly and clearly denied these most recent charges, which I won’t repeat here since Christine has mentioned them. Read and subscribe to her work.

I would simply add two points. First, this is not the Daily Beast’s first rodeo at scurrilous tabloid journalism. I respect no one employed there, including the once-respected Matt Lewis. It is a bad place that harms journalism and the body politic.

Second, it is increasingly clear that “October surprises” don’t work as they used to. The Gore campaign and their allies’ dump of an alleged DUI by GOP nominee George W. Bush in late October 2000 suppressed some votes, but the more devastating “Hollywood Access” tape from October 2016 didn’t work against Donald Trump.

Join Jim and Greg as they sort through the allegations against Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker from The Daily Beast and his own family – and what the impact will be on the campaign. They also roll their eyes as President Biden claims to have been raised politically in the Puerto Rican community. And they sigh over another emerging international hot spot, as North Korea fires a long-range ballistic missile that alarms Japan and appears to show the communist regime getting more competent with the technology.

Join Jim and Greg as they remember the late former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and discuss how he will be remembered if history is accurate. They also welcome news that Herschel Walker now enjoys a slight lead in the Georgia U.S. Senate race and dissect John Fetterman’s decision to drop out of a Senate debate in Pennsylvania. And they cringe at President Biden’s numerous gaffes and lies as he campaigned for Fetterman and others Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

Join Jim and Greg as they celebrate Arizona leading the way on universal school choice – including parents keeping money for private tuition or homeschooling. They also groan as Canada’s vaccine mandate for people entering the country will mean 10 players for the Kansas City Royals can’t play in Toronto. And they analyze polling showing potential Georgia ticket-splitting as Gov. Brian Kemp enjoys a healthy lead while GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker is slightly behind.


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Donald Trump’s “Save America” PAC took a poll in Georgia and found that 1) Trump is extremely popular among Republicans, 2) Former Senator David Perdue would force Governor Brian Kemp into a runoff, but only if Trump endorsed him and 3) Former UGA football star Herschel Walker would win the GOP Senate nomination. In a […]

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