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There was a thread a day or two ago by Boss Mongo which discussed crime statistics and the like based on Heather Macdonald’s work, especially her latest book “The War on Cops.” Last night, CSPAN BookTV aired an interview of Ms Macdonald about “The War on Cops” with an interviewer (a leftist college professor) who […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Racial Hysteria at UCLA


In a recent article, City Journal’s Heather MacDonald discusses some incidents involving the racial climate at UCLA. The incidents are so fantastic that at times the reader will probably suspect that MacDonald is guilty of hyperbole. However, I taught at UCLA for eleven and a half years. Things really are as bad as she describes.

One incident, which involves education professor Val Rust, illustrates the “eggshell plaintiff” attitude among some of the students at UCLA, how the tiniest slight can become a major racial grievance: