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Hamas Slaughters Jews and the Heathen Sides With Hamas


Why do the heathen rage? That was the question posed by David in Psalm 2 of the Old Testament. And by the way, David was king of the United Kingdom of Israel some 1,600 years before there was any such thing as Islam. So, just to be clear, the Jews were there first, long before Islam was spread across the region through violent conquest. But the answer to the question posed in the psalm is that they, the heathen, are basically at war with God and his laws.

And O how the heathen do rage! Throughout the West — formerly known as “Christendom” and now known as a self-loathing civilization in severe decline — they rage in every major city and especially on the hallowed grounds of so-called “institutions of higher learning.” Take Harvard, for example. Originally established as a college whose main purpose was to educate clergy, more than 30 student groups recently justified the actions of the terrorist group/death cult known as Hamas after its murderous, bloodthirsty incursion into Israel from Gaza.