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California enacted a controversial law last year, known as SB277, that abolished the religious and personal-belief exemptions to state-mandated child vaccinations. One remaining exemption, however, is at the heart of the law: the physician exemption. Under that exemption, if your child is contraindicated (that is, medical circumstances suggest your child is more likely to suffer […]

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Thoughts on Thinking: A Personal Odyssey


brainYears ago, I never tired of asking anyone who would sit still long enough some variation on the following question: Suppose you had to choose between having a strong and alert mind but with severe physical limitations (e.g., wheelchair-bound), or a perfectly healthy body and yet be as dumb as a bag of nails. Which would you choose? There was no right or wrong answer as far as I was concerned, though my own preference was for mental acuity. I simply wanted to hear the preferences and thoughts of people I found interesting.

That particular thought exercise loomed large in the mind when I sat down with my neurologist recently, having undergone a series of tests (cognitive, brain EEG, brain MRI, etc.) in the preceding weeks to determine, A) whether or not the mental fog I was occasionally experiencing was real, and B) whether there was a physical cause. “Mr. Carter, you had a stroke,” the doctor said as matter of factly as if he were announcing the Dow Jones daily closing numbers. Well, that was bracing.

It wasn’t recent, he added, though I had already figured as much. Reviewing my personal history, the doctor determined that the stroke likely occurred during an extremely stressful and traumatic event a few years back that, at the time, had me quite literally immobilized, unable to speak, with what seemed like a ribbon of agonizing pain shooting across the top of my head. Yes, I know I should have gotten myself checked out at the time, but personal circumstances made it impossible. At least now I know what happened.

Comrade Hillary Celebrates Robust Health


Comrade HillaryThe Central Committee of Democratic Party condemns scurrilous attacks by hooligans and saboteurs with regard to the robust health and well-being of our fine leader and comrade Hillary Clinton.

As all can see from the not doctored photographical evidence shown thusly, Comrade Hillary exhibits lifelike visage upon reviewing military parade for glorious May Day gathering. She briefly stricken by allergies overheating pneumonia yet still attend solemn ceremony in city of New York this Sunday. She also visit flat of daughter Chelsea, greeting her newborn grandchild with love, and later hug noble devochka outside of building. Such selfless acts make historic impact! How great is the dignity shown, for she strong like bull.

“I deeply regret that because of temporary causes I will not be able to attend fund gathering session of the DNC plenum,” Comrade Hillary said in speech read by aides to gathered press journalists to report precisely. “When I assume the chair in capital buildings, grain production shall boost immeasurably and beet harvest to rise four-fold.”

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I have come to the conclusion that the maximum age for coaching Little League Baseball is 55. I can say that with great certainty because I am 56. For the past 12 years, through three boys, I have always been an assistant coach. This year, with just two days before tryouts, the league asked me […]

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SELL FREEDOM. Any American citizen over the age of 18 shall have the right to freely contract with any other party for any product or service for which they reach mutually agreement. In so doing, however, both parties must explicitly waive all regulatory or legal relief or recourse save for whatever is specified in their contract. […]

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Now, for the First Time Ever! My Weight Loss Secrets … Revealed!


shutterstock_325624127For the first time in years, losing weight will not be one of my New Year’s resolutions. After several years piling on the padding, which only accelerated when I started working from home, I’ve lost 38 lbs. in the past 98 days. Gee, Jon — what’s your secret? Read on, for all will be revealed in Five Simple Steps.

Google “weight loss” and you’ll get 232 million hits. Everybody is searching for the silver bullet that will replace their pony-keg belly with six-pack abs. And it seems like half the people who are happy with their size are hawking some miracle diet, high-tech fitness equipment, or psychological trick that will restore anyone to their teenage figure. (All for 18 easy payments of $119.99!)

As most adults have learned, there is no magic formula. But now that I’ve achieved a moderate level of scrawn, and with Peter’s prompting, I wanted to share my counter-intuitive observations about shedding pounds.

Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?


shutterstock_132337193Many of us agree that experts generally cause more trouble than they are worth. The views they espouse often have more to do with ideology than with the subject matter about which they are expert. At the same time their expert status, often being based on some species of “science,” gives them a form of immunity to criticism, and immediately identifies their critics as Neanderthals (or worse, conservatives). Sooner or later, however, though it is often very much later, experts who base their views on ideology are defeated by actual facts, and if they are not entirely routed they will at least have to fall back into a more rearward trench.

The Progressive experts who in the 1970s foisted upon Americans the new dogma that low-fat diets are the means to prevent heart disease and cancer have been driven for a decade from their forward positions, and back into less substantial breastworks. As I pointed out in an earlier post, the latest rationale our dietary experts offer for insisting we continue avoiding at least saturated fat (if not all fat) is to fight global warming. (You may think this is not a very defensible position to be fighting from, but it is not as astounding as it first may seem, global warming being ultimately responsible for all of mankind’s ills.)

I would now like to point out another aspect of our dietary experts’ battle against dietary fat which you may not think can possibly have an ideological aspect, but which nonetheless does: The idea that a calorie is just a calorie.

How Much Does Your Kid Weigh? The Feds Want to Know.


hey_michelle_obama_molon_labeIt is well documented that big government is creepy. They’re all up in our business from cradle to grave, and they just keep getting more and more intrusive. Our government seems to have a never-ending supply of new and creative ways to violate our privacy. The Free Beacon reported that the U.S.D.A. would like to weigh and measure children in daycare. Seriously.

This data is being collected as part of the First Lady’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, and also will include what meals are served and how much physical activity the kids undertake during their day. A notice in the Federal Register states that “Good nutrition is a key to proper childhood development, but not enough is known about the food children are eating in childcare and related programs.” What they mean, of course, is that not enough is known the by government. Perhaps that is because it has nothing to do with running a country.

The data collection would fall into three categories: surveys, forms and interviews. They include menu surveys, and data collection around costs, but the really creepy part is under “Child intake and weight status,” which includes the following four bullet points “child food diary (completed by parents), standing height and weight form (collected by study staff), infant food intake form, and parent interview.” They want a government representative to weigh and measure your child like a piece of livestock, and then will ask the parents to report every bite that the child eats. To the government.

The Last Possible Good Failure


shutterstock_90261658I’d probably make a lousy prostitute, I concluded. Time to swallow my pride and move back home. 

It wasn’t my parents’ fault. Almost always, children have to be taught to be less whiny, not more. Virtuous parents rightly hold up stoicism as a model for their children’s behavior. Most problems you face at any given moment will eventually go away if you simply toughen up. Unbending persistence in the face of pain is the key to ultimate success.

Except when it isn’t. Looking after my respiratory problems – which, after all, could be life-threatening – would have been enough for any parent. When I began having funny aches in my bones, too, my parents said, “It’s just growing pains. Have another banana.” Or, “Walk it off.” Or, “You must’ve slept on it funny.” They said this day in and out for years. And I took their advice like a good girl, stifling whining and backchat, day in and day out for years. Eventually I got sick of bananas, though much addicted to long walks by myself, especially in chilly weather, when the numbing ache of the cold obliterated other sensations.

The Joy of Being Used


shutterstock_233760664Generosity is annoying. When a person is skilled or able in some way, others inevitably ask favors of him. A sense of charitable duty can make refusal difficult. Often, one is not feeling particularly generous when a loved one, coworker, or neighbor requests aid. Their needs are perceived as interruptions. But problems can’t be scheduled.

My brother is an IT wiz. It seems like hell. Anyone and everyone who runs into a problem even tangentially related to computers or electronics looks to him for help. To his credit, he always answers. With so many IT people offering free help to family and friends these days, it’s amazing anyone ever needs to pay for service!

My youngest sister is a physical terrorist… um, therapist. Everyone respects a knowledgeable physician, right? But the price of that knowledge is being the unpaid resource of every close acquaintance (and some distant ones, too). Family members don’t have to say a word. One just stands or moves awkwardly, and the help comes before anyone involved is ready for it. “Ouch! Um, I mean, thanks.”

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Over at PJMedia, I have a piece up today on how the FDA, the USDA, and Michelle Obama, not to mention ObamaCare, are ruining our and our kids’ health, while causing vast amounts of money to be wasted, based on junk nutrition science. It’s particularly worth getting up to speed on what a healthy diet […]

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As the arrival of America’s newest pre-existing condition dominates the headlines, worries over the Ebola virus have wreaked havoc on Wall Street, causing the S&P 500 to post its worst three-day slide since November 2011. But if Ebola thinks it can just waltz into this country and diminish Wall Street’s wealth, then Ebola doesn’t know President […]

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I don’t want to distract from Tom Meyers’ contraception thread by asking this question there, as it’s only peripherally related. It’s a simple question, but I suspect that the answer is not so simple. Even now, decades after “the pill” became a normal regimen for young women whether they are sexually active or not, do […]

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Another Healthy Thing I’m Never Going to Do


shutterstock_145596868Here’s more irritating health news, from Canada’s National Post:

Fasting for three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as “remarkable.”

Although fasting diets have been criticized by nutritionists, research suggests that starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing more white blood cells, which fight off infection.

Nutbag Theories On Wellness — DocJay


What is your favorite stupid health theory?

I saw a patient recently with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, hyperlipidemia and obesity. She was discussing the homeopathic “medications” and Indian spirit guidance her cleaning lady was espousing to her as a way forward.  My job at times means that I have to listen to various crackpots discuss these kind of theories, so I listened for a while about this lady’s cleaner and her path to wellness.