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Juror Admits Smollett’s Obvious Guilt Played Decisive Role In Verdict


A juror in the Jussie Smollett trial acknowledged to a Chicago news reporter Monday that deliberations never centered on Smollett’s race, sexual orientation, politics, or celebrity status. Instead, she said, what ultimately convinced the jury to convict was Smollett’s obvious guilt.

“Deliberations took nine hours because Starbucks screwed up the foreman’s order,” she said, adding “It’s obvious except to the most blinkered partisans that Smollett was guilty of perpetuating a hoax which caused the city to redirect well over $100,000 in taxpayer funds to investigate a fake crime even as record-setting actual crimes ravage the city, especially in minority communities.”

Since his conviction, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated Smollett for Best Performance On The Witness Stand by a Gay Man of Color. Additionally, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter has awarded Smollett a lifetime achievement award for his work on behalf of black immigrants from Africa.

Framing Immigrants of Color for a Violent Hate Crime Is Peak Democrat


Imagine it: actor and outspoken conservative James Woods files a police report claiming he was assaulted on a sub-freezing night in Pocatello, ID, by two men wearing pussy hats and shouting “Enjoy the blue state model, cuz!” Woods believes that he was targeted for his political beliefs and is the victim of a hate crime. Additionally, he’s underpaid. Police conduct an investigation during the course of which evidence accrues that Woods was never attacked but instead has perpetuated a hoax. The considerable amount of incriminating evidence includes a check written to — and text messages exchanged with — his alleged assailants.

Woods, though seemingly in legal jeopardy, is suddenly gold again when Pocatello police and the local D.A. drop the matter like the kind of hot potato for which Idaho is famous, but not after conducting an investigation that cost taxpayers over $130,000. But all is not well for the actor: a subsequent special prosecutor investigation determines that Woods seemed to be getting special treatment from the local authorities, who are known to share Woods’ political sympathies. Woods, in other words, seemed to get a pass from authorities because his hoax was on the right side of history.

Worse still for the actor, the special prosecutor finds sufficient evidence to file new charges against him. Now on trial on six counts of disorderly conduct, Woods’ has a story to tell and, actor that he is, he’s sticking to it. White progressives, meanwhile, are confused as history has taught them to be accustomed to Democrats attempting to frame working-class immigrants of color for crimes that were, in fact, orchestrated by one of their own. Indeed, that’s one of the reasons they’re white progressives.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Bishop Juhana Pohjola joins Executive Editor Joy Pullmann in the Hillsdale College Kirby Center studio to discuss his experience being prosecuted in Finland under hate crime laws after stating Biblical truths about the distinctions between males and females.

Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle the second accusation of sexual harassment against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his ever-changing response to it. They also get a kick out of the possibility that Florida Democrats might dust off Charlie Crist to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022. And they fire back at an NBC “explainer” on hate crimes, which suggests reporters need to be very careful about labeling something a hate crime if the offender is not white.

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One of the most disturbing aspects of the Jussie Smollett hoax is the number of good people who are comfortably using the term “hate crime”. It is Orwellian, that is, its common usage is nearly opposite to the truth. I don’t deny that hate crimes exist, or more precisely that hate regularly motivates crime. Very […]

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LeBron James, Racism, and a Missed Opportunity


Speaking to reporters on the eve of the NBA Finals, LeBron James soberly addressed what many blacks believe is the ongoing presence of racism in American culture.

The reason James was discussing racism instead of the upcoming series against the Golden State Warriors? Someone spray-painted a racial epithet — the racial epithet — on the security gate in front of James’ Los Angeles residence.

Coincidentally, the incident involving James happened the same day a noose was reportedly found at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. According to a US Park Police account, tourists discovered the noose inside the museum’s Segregation Gallery, Wednesday afternoon.

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According to the left, a six-year-old has sufficient wisdom, maturity, and insight to decide for xerself that xe is not the “gender” that corresponds to xer biological and genetic make-up and all adults are therefore obligated to accommodate the six-year-old’s chosen gender. But when three eighteen-year-olds and a twenty-four-year old kidnap a mentally challenged man […]

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…because he accidentally spelled “hijab” as “hajib” in an email denouncing post-election hate crimes. President Schlissel was denounced by student Vikrant Garg (whose name is an anagram for Raging Ark TV; make of that what you will) who wrote — no joke — “It was literally a hate crime and people feel unsafe on campus […]

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The Silly and Dangerous Things Senators Say


Senator Tammy BaldwinReimagining the First Amendment:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) says the 1st Amendment’s religious liberty protections don’t apply to individuals.

On MSNBC last week, Wisconsin’s junior Senator claimed that the Constitution’s protection of the free exercise of religion extends only to religious institutions, and that individual’s do not have a right to the free exercise of their own religion.

Thought Crimes With Different Names


roof-tsarnaevOver the past week, left-wing critics have pointed an accusing finger at the Right, asking why Charleston killer Dylann Roof hasn’t been called a terrorist. Some have gone on to argue that “terrorism” is simply the term we use to describe any mass murder committed by a Muslim, whereas other mass murders — particularly those committed by non-Muslim whites — are likely to be attributed to mental illness.

While that last point is as mendacious as it is factually incorrect — James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and Jared Lee Loughner really were crazy and Aaron Alexis is not exactly white — the question of why Roof isn’t considered a terrorist has a point. His crimes certainly seem to meet the everyday sense of the word, as well as the legal definition.

Fortunately for our liberal friends, news came yesterday that Roof is being charged with committing a federal hate crime. As Reason’s Jacob Sullum points out, this is an utterly superfluous and symbolic act. Murder — if you didn’t realize — is actually quite illegal in South Carolina and its widely expected that prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Roof (as well they should).