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“I’m with Her,” One Year Later

With the recent news about rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood, I was reminded of my unposted article on Hillary’s ironic campaign slogan. One year later, this piece is now more pertinent than ever.

After a viral video showed looped footage of potential POTUS and Bosnian sniper dodger Hillary Clinton collapsing at the 9/11 Memorial in New York, her campaign proved her unequivocal ability to lead the free world by demonstrating she can open an unsealed jar of kosher dills on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night enablerthon. Take that, conservatives and sexists! Hillary is woman, hear her Vlasic crunch!

Between ubiquitous Subaru and Pious Prius bumper stickers along with her sycophants screaming at those not as tolerant as them, we cannot escape three little words that The House of Sad came up with to grab her gender-centric voting block — “I’m With Her.” Congratulations Chappaqua, this may be the most accurate combination of nine letters ever to describe today’s Left.


I Am Not Embarrassed by Harvey Weinstein


WeinsteinAnne Bayefsky’s article on Fox News suggested: “Harvey Weinstein is an embarrassment — for Jews, for men, for Democrats, for Hollywood, for humankind…. Harvey Weinstein’s mug is literally the poster face of every anti-Semite’s favorite Jew. Fat, ugly, and unkempt. Not to mention greed, narcissism and gross over-indulgence written all over it. Hollywood makeup artists couldn’t have done it any better.”

As a Jew and a man, I am not “embarrassed” by Harvey Weinstein. He doesn’t represent me. Never did. From a distance he looked like someone I wouldn’t ever want to know.

Anne is very active and supportive in the Jewish community and I respect her work. But her concern over how some Nazi losers would use Weinstein to confirm their idiocy is misplaced. The bigger issue is why she would assume because we happen to be the same religion or gender, I should feel uncomfortable.

Harvey Weinstein and Feminism


What makes Harvey Weinsteins?

The chief of Amazon studios, Roy Price, has now resigned in the wake of allegations that he made lewd comments and propositioned a producer. Lists of accused sexual predators in Hollywood and journalism are circulating on social media. President’s Trump’s long history of pawing and gawking at women has again reached center stage.

Actress Alyssa Milano, one of Weinstein’s targets, fumed that “This is not an uncommon occurrence. This is a sick culture. Men like Harvey Weinstein are around every corner. Men who undermine women and their strength, ability and intelligence exist everywhere.”

Where Are the Fathers of Sexual Harassment Victims?


Over and over again for the past few weeks we’ve read stories of young women who were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and other men in power in Hollywood. The most recent is a decades-old incident involving Reese Witherspoon, who claims sexual assault in a hotel room at the age of 16 by an unnamed director. Let’s not gloss over the fact that a 16-year-old had absolutely no business going to a man’s hotel room by herself, whether it involved a job in Hollywood or not.

So far, the only man we’ve heard of defending his lady at the time of an incident is Brad Pitt. Good for him, but it makes me wonder where are the fathers, boyfriends, or husbands of these other women?

Delingpole’s Weinstein Summation


Mr. Delingpole has written exactly what I have been thinking so let’s hear him speak:

One of the most basic principles of a fair and just society is that everyone – and most especially those at the top of the food chain – has to be equal before the law. If they are not, then what constraint is there on the lawmakers? What is to stop politicians passing ever more iniquitous or damaging laws if they know that they won’t actually have to obey them themselves?

Liberals like Harvey Weinstein think it’s acceptable to create a world where they get to be allowed to behave as debauchedly as Goering at one of his country lodges, while the little people – that’s you and me – have to have every last detail of our lives overseen by the political correctness Gestapo.

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I am tired of all the sanctimonious agreement around here. So here is my defense of the King of Hollywood. 1: Water flows downhill.  Every time. In any system where there are powerful men and supplicative women, water will flow downhill. No amount of moralizing or preaching changes that one whit.  Preview Open

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Obviously the most important thing I wish had forcefully entered into his consciousness was a feeling of empathy and concern for the well being of the women he was about to harass or assault. In addition, however, this horror story hit me personally from two other perspectives; I have a daughter, and I share Weinstein’s […]

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L’affair Weinstein helped me resolve to let go of a long-time employee who was good at their job, but a bully. This person had a long history of second chances with my predecessor (I am still pretty new) who I guess kept hoping against hope they would change. It didn’t seem likely that would happen. […]

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It’s All Unraveling (And Why That’s a Good Thing)


Michael RamirezAmerica, tired of being lied to by its coastal betters, chose a President to tear it all down to the studs, from where a more hopeful and stronger country could rise again. Much of the anger that brought Donald Trump into office was certainly directed toward Washington DC’s elites, but also our cultural pillars. With a $20 trillion national debt, politicians had been Weinsteining their constituents for decades and people of both parties have had enough of the D.C./entertainment/sports/media complex.

The only results from the Progressives’ identity politics prescribed by Leftist septuagenarians was to balkanize a once civil union. Meanwhile, the overpaid, yet feckless consultant class on the right finagles their benefactor’s largesse but yield few results. Jabba the Hutt politicians along with their K-Street enablers tied the American voter to his chain, while they focused on reelection. It’s only about their power. From their mahogany walled watering holes in DC, they laugh at us idealistic rubes while ensuring their marble streets remain shiny in National Harbor. Americans weren’t just voting against DC. They were voting against the cultural rot that started decades ago.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, known for facades phonier than Obama’s Greek columns, somewhere along the way went from dream factory with a few crazies, to become the worst stereotype conservatives always believed it was. Its incestual, intellectually shallow, immature, and chronically insecure inhabitants know only two modes: reading someone else’s words for a living or regurgitating Bill Maher’s. These people have spent so much energy on dividing the country into a caste system, they hadn’t realized their product has suffered, relegating themselves to brain-numbing CGI superhero remakes and Oscar-bait no one will ever see, but … another award show to congratulate each other on our brilliance! Movie audiences are responding with their wallets as year-over-year box office receipts have plummeted.

“…Then He Pulled a Harvey on Me.”


Harvey Weinstein’s recently “exposed” decades of lurid and disgusting sexual assaults on young women underscores the need to update the lexicon of unwanted sex encounters.

No industry is immune from sexual harassment scandals these days. Sexual attacks take place in the worlds of politics, entertainment, and news media. They are perpetrated by conservatives and liberals alike.

To aid future innocent victims in detailing what the offender did to him or her in exact terms, the language of sex attacks must be modernized and expanded. State criminal codes must be amended and media reports expanded to incorporate the following terms:

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for squashing the “blue slip” system and expediting the confirmation of judicial appointments.  Even though they’re pretty sure President Trump is joking about pulling network licenses in response to “fake news,” they explain why a president should never be threatening the existence of a media outlet over their content.  And they cheer Ronan Farrow for his impressive reporting on the extent of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and harassment, while also blasting NBC for its lame explanation for refusing to run the story months ago.

From the halls of the Supreme Court to the gridiron of the NFL, it’s a good day for Donald Trump.

Harvey Weinstein flees to Europe—will Roman Polanski pick him up at the airport?

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America give credit to the mainstream media for calling Democrats to account for their silence over the sexual assault and harassment allegations lodged against Hollywood mogul and prolific Democratic Party donor Harvey Weinstein.  They also fire back at Twitter after the social media service censors a video from Tennessee GOP Senate hopeful Marsha Blackburn because her efforts to stop the sale of aborted baby body parts were considered inflammatory and likely to elicit negative reactions.  And Jim and Greg sigh as the latest NFL protest chaos includes ESPN host Jemele Hill getting suspended for encouraging Dallas Cowboy fans to boycott team sponsors, Al Sharpton vowing to boycott the NFL unless Hill is reinstated, and President Trump gloating over the Hill suspension.

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Author’s note: I sincerely hope that what I’ve written below is not a new thought. Because if it is, we are in much worse trouble than I already believe us to be. Yes, I could do a simple internet search to find out what else has been written on this concept, but I like to […]

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Pravda-on-the-Hudson vs. Harvey Weinstein


When I first read of the supposed antics of Harvey Weinstein, I found myself in the position once assumed by Captain Louis Renault in Casablanca. Just as he was “shocked … shocked” to discover that there was gambling going on in Rick’s Café Américain, so I was completely taken aback at the suggestion that a Hollywood movie mogul, whom Meryl Streep once celebrated as a god, should have taken advantage of his position to bed a host of would-be starlets. Who, I asked myself, could have imagined such a thing?

The answer to that silly question is, of course, that no one who knows anything about Hollywood should be surprised at all. Producers and directors have been sampling the merchandise for more than a century, and much of the merchandise has been ready, willing, and able. Actors and actresses are not famous for their moral integrity; and, if to get ahead, they have to go ahead, they are generally prepared to do so. It is hard to believe Meryl Streep and Judi Dench when they claim that they were blissfully unaware of what everyone in Hollywood apparently knew. We live in an age of pious posturing.

If the stories now being told are true, Weinstein worked hard at the job. A former waitress at the Tribeca Grill, which is located in the building where Weinstein has his office, reports that he had a standard operating procedure:

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Harvey Feirstein — the old, gravel voiced queen (I can say it) — is apparently being confused with Harvey Weinstein — the old, creepy, heterosexual predator. And he doesn’t like it. That’s right! Be mad at Harvey, not HARVEY! Guys, We’re Mad @ Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN! Preview Open

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