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Kamala Harris has been touting that she went to Guatemala to address the “root causes” for the migration of people who are currently attempting to cross illegally the southern border of the United States. Why is she starting her search for “root causes” in Guatemala? Preview Open

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‘Where’s All the Ammo?’ a Former Liberal Asks


I’m a local property manager and I ran into my maintenance guy John, at a client’s house. We “had a discussion.” We chatted about the election, the weather, the large influx of new residents to our state, etc. He is a retired AT&T Exec and I met him working in real estate with his wife. She and I share the same birthday. His retired side job is fixing anything that’s broken and he does it well.

Back to our brief chat – he mentioned that he had to go across the bridge for a couple of supplies and stopped into the “ammo store”. John is a veteran and owning a gun or two is not unusual. So he told me there’s no ammo – everyone’s out. The place he popped into said they’ve been sold out for weeks and no supply available. He was told that Walmart is sold out, as well as the big chain Bass Pro Shop.

Regulatory Climate Change


I work for a municipal utility that operates a small power plant in Missouri. Built in 1928, the plant houses nine diesel/natural gas generators, the oldest of which is a 1946 model (see video below). The plant served as the city’s primary source of power up till the 1980s when it became more economical to contract energy from larger plants. While they’re no longer the primary source of power for the city, they still serve a major role in fulfilling capacity and peaking needs for the city.

As part of my job, I handle the environmental compliance for the plant. Over the last decade, we’ve spent over $2 million to comply with Obama era EPA regulations. These engines run less than 75 hours each a year. Such a waste of money and time.

The Harris-Biden Administration


Political commentator Michael Kinsley defined a gaffe as “when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris made a curious one Monday, mentioning “A Harris Administration … together with Joe Biden.”

Perhaps this was just a misstatement. It could be another example of Harris’s legendary ambition and preening self-regard. But it appears she was reading from a teleprompter. Is the Veep nominee telegraphing what seems obvious to most Americans, left and right — that Joe Biden will be unable to fulfill his presidential duties for long, if at all?

As I noted yesterday, Joe better hire a food taster.