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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. ACF Middlebrow #23: Harold Ramis


Pete Spiliakos and I bring you a discussion about The Prophet of Trump, the most successful comedy writer of the ’80s, who just happened to suggest that a vulgar, loud, billionaire real estate developer (Rodney Dangerfield) or a snake-oil salesman who treats women shabbily (Bill Murray) might destroy our conservative and progressive elites. Listen, share, and comment, friends!


Contributor Post Created with Sketch. ACF#24: Groundhog Day


Today’s podcast is Groundhog Day, because this is the 25th anniversary of the movie. The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski joins me for a discussion of the best Bill Murray movie bar none–and one of the few contenders for comedy of the ’90s. We talk about the inescapability of character; about Harold Ramis’s Tocquevillian insight into American restlessness; about the big city and the small town; about liberal individualism and the divinity of all action no consequences; about relational being, love, and civic friendship; about French poetry and ice-sculpture; about Sonny, Cher and Rachmaninoff!