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We Have Met the Enemy and She Is Us, Does This Explain Marie Harf?


Marie Harf box art V1_1600px

While I was uploading some large files, I decided to try my hand at video editing by taking three clips of everyone’s favorite State Department spokesperson, Marie Harf, saying that, “we can’t kill our way out of this war,” with Islamic State. She also implies that jobs is the answer to radical Islamic barbarism, that they need a different path in life. She delivers basically the same propaganda (shades of Susan Rice) to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and MSNBC Joe Scarborough (who wanted to give her a mulligan on her previous comments but she declined).

I’ve included a bonus clip of Col. Ralph Peters, appearing on Fox News, who said that, “Marie Harf is Exhibit A for the comprehensive failure of the US educational system,” which is absolutely priceless taken in the context of her remarks over the last two days.

The Five Stages of Democratic Grief


Tuesday night clearly revealed the Five Stages of Democratic Grief, played out in vivid beauty on MSNBC and the rest of the networks. If you haven’t watched the supercut of the MSNBC panel on election night, you should. Since then, we’ve been watching the stages of political grief play out with our friends across the aisle.

Denial: “What wave? There’s no wave. There is no way the Republicans will increase their House majority or take the Senate. Barack Obama may have lost a few of the idiot red-state nutjobs, but he’s still remarkably popular. He killed Bin Laden! He restored America’s standing in the world! He saved Detroit! People love Obamacare. They love it. It’s so popular that every Democrat campaigned to preserve it in its current form. With Ferguson, Trayvon, immigration reform and Kim Kardashian’s endorsements, our voters are charging to the polls in record numbers. Did you see Lena Dunham’s “Turn Out for What” video? The kids love her. Bill and Hillary both went in to close these campaigns, and they’re the most popular people in America. Besides, all Republicans are tone-deaf Todd Akins and their campaign technology consists of clipboards and fax machines. We’ve got this.”