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Not a Good Week for Hillary Clinton


HillFirst, there was this. Then, there was the fact that Diane Sawyer of all people laid into Clinton over Benghazi (which, lest you forget, is not a scandal, so don’t worry your pretty little heads about it, darlings). And then, there is the fact that her book . . . well . . . isn’t so good:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s new memoir “Hard Choices” officially launches Tuesday morning, but it’s already being savaged by critics for being overly cautious and, as a result, uninteresting.

“TRUTH BOMB 1: ‘Hard Choices’ is a newsless snore,” Politico’s Mike Allen wrote in his Monday-morning newsletter. He went on to describe the book “written so carefully not to offend that it will fuel the notion that politics infuses every part of her life.”

Hillary the Not-So-Inevitable


Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton laughs while answering a question at the 2014 National Council for Behavioral Health Conference at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor, Md., Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Clinton spoke about mental health, political, and social issues during her talk. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)For the past year, I’ve predicted Hillary won’t be the Democratic nominee; I still doubt she’ll even run. As the Lion of Tuzla fumbles through her book tour, it’s easier to see the evidence for that counter-intuitive claim.

Yes, Hillary has mountains of cash, a ruthless political machine, ubiquitous name recognition, and a mostly loving press. She is “inevitable,” although less so than she was in 2008. But these vast advantages still aren’t enough to overcome Hillary’s fundamental flaw: she’s a horrible candidate.

Horrible doesn’t quite cover it. Hillary is an atrocious, contemptible, dreadful, execrable, ghastly, heinous, insufferable, lousy, piteous, repellent, rueful, shoddy, unholy, woeful and wretched candidate. And she’s a terrible liar.

Hillary Clinton: Please Don’t Actually Read My Book


Hillary-Clinton--Hard-Choices-jpgFrom Bret Stephens’s devastating review of Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton’s memoir of her years as secretary of state, in today’s Wall Street Journal:

[I]t’s not really a book at all. It is an artifact containing printed words, an event conveying political seriousness. Perhaps it could have been written at half its length (635 pages) with twice the interest. But that would have made it easier to read from start to finish, defeating its own purpose of being big and therefore, presumably, weighty. Ceci n’est pas une pipe, wrote (or painted) Rene Magritte. Just so with “Hard Choices”: Ceci n’est pas un livre…

Mrs. Clinton… doesn’t really have a story to tell. Her book is an assemblage of anecdotes, organized geographically, held together by no overarching theme, or underlying analysis, or ultimate accomplishment. In April she was asked to name her proudest achievements as secretary. She fumbled for an answer, as well she might. There are none.