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Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle the second accusation of sexual harassment against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his ever-changing response to it. They also get a kick out of the possibility that Florida Democrats might dust off Charlie Crist to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022. And they fire back at an NBC “explainer” on hate crimes, which suggests reporters need to be very careful about labeling something a hate crime if the offender is not white.

Pennsylvania State Rep Tries to Dox Pro-Lifers


“Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values,” Pennsylvania state representative [Brian Sims] tweeted May 5, after the pro-life group Live Action criticized a video Sims livestreamed May 2.

So begins another report in The Catholic Herald, on another Leftist going completely unhinged and trying to dox (i.e. publicize the names, addresses, and phone numbers to the world) both elderly and teenage pro-life protestors at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Pennsylvania.  The alleged crimes of the people he wants to dox?  Praying outside the clinic across the street, and trying to talk to women seeking abortions.  Representative Sims only gets worse, according to the article:

Alex Jones Himself Endorses Vigilantism Against “Wrongthink”


Why deplatform Alex Jones now? It may have something to do with this week’s news that Jones is continuing to make life miserable for ordinary Americans he believes are engaged in “wrongthink”: he believes that their belief that they’re just grieving families, not actors in an elaborate hoax, is a belief too wrong to let alone. Alex Jones — the “sheeple” king — has no problem with harassing others over their “wrongthink” as long as his gang is the gang getting away with it.

Back in April, three parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims began suing Jones for defamation. In turn, this August Jones is seeking over $100,000 in damages from the parents of shooting victim Noah Pozner, adding financial insult to the years of injury they’ve already had to endure at the hands of Jones and his fans:

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for November 21, 2017 it is the “Smelling Like a Charlie Rose” edition of the podcast — *and* it is our podcast number 150! — with your hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa.

Our topics this week are, first, is there something wrong with Hillary? Hillary lambasts Donald Trump for being a sexual predator in the White House with no apparent sense of irony. None. Even Mika Brzezinski is appalled at her lack of, er, tone???

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So, I’m sure many of you have read the story of an audacious con job uncovered by none other than Buzzfeed.  The details sound insane – a $1.6 Billion bribe from Exxon, a cast of international scoundrels and con men… and an American felon turned activist, Brett Coleman Kimberlin. I have been following Brett Kimberlin’s […]

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Department of Justice to Universities: Title IX Requires You to Violate First Amendment


shutterstock_3359855The feds are once again pushing an unconstitutional definition of harassment on universities. The latest push, coming in the form of a “findings letter” issued to the University of New Mexico, is all the more concerning because it’s coming directly from the Department of Justice. Universities are forced to choose between adopting a wildly unconstitutional definition of harassment or face the possibility of losing their federal funding and the wrath of the DOJ.

As FIRE writes in our new press release:

The shockingly broad conception of sexual harassment mandated by DOJ all but guarantees that colleges and universities nationwide will subject students and faculty to months-long investigations—or worse—for protected speech. In recent years, unjust “sexual harassment” investigations into protected student and faculty speech have generated national headlines and widespread concern. Examples include: