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Christopher Lee appeared on screen, and 500 girls screamed for all they were worth. Peter Cushing deftly snatched two candlesticks from the table and turned to face him, holding up the candlesticks in the Sign of the Cross. 500 boys roared their approval.

I’ve written before about how my hometown was transformed in the late ’50s from a small, sleepy town into a bustling suburb by several massive housing developments and the arrival of 10,000 new residents, along with what that did to the local school system. The new houses were perfect for young families, and the influx of thousands of new children necessitated the immediate building of four elementary schools and a high school.

That’s not to say there wasn’t already a school in town; just one school that covered K-12, with one classroom for each grade, although in my day it was used as the middle school. A stately, three-story old stone building, originally built in the 1880s, there were several additions made through the years, including a large new wing that was added at the same time those other schools were built. These additions created a school that was a rambling, twisted maze that ranged from the ancient core, with its uneven floors and age rippled windows, to the modern, up-to-the-minute, 1960s style of the newest wing. But it was the first addition, the auditorium, that stood out as truly weird.