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Jim and Greg offer up three martinis and their tongue-in-cheek analysis of a Christmas tradition their wives greatly enjoy. First, the welcome the news that CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo but wonder if he will end up getting much more than a slap on the wrist. They’re also encouraged by the oral arguments on the Mississippi abortion case at the Supreme Court and hammer Justice Sotomayor for her weak argument about when life begins. They’re less than impressed with the Pennsylvania GOP Senate bid of Dr. Oz. And as December begins, they have plenty to say about the Hallmark Christmas movies that so many women love to watch and so many men have to endure.


A real-deal movie critic joins us on “A Christmas Ham” this week to talk about the history and hypnotic effect of cheesy TV Christmas movies. Also, we somehow touch on the opioid crisis. I didn’t even know there was a dark side to my movie obsession until I talked to John!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! Grab a stool as Jim and Greg dissect good, bad, and crazy martinis today. First, while Greg laments another Ohio State win over Michigan, they love the powerful pro-life story involving OSU’s star running back. They also slam Michael Bloomberg for saying taxes on poor people are good because then poor people won’t make as many bad choices for themselves. And they roll their eyes as LGBT activists complain about the absence of same-sex romances in Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies. You’ll also enjoy their unvarnished analysis of the Hallmark movies as they currently exist.

ACF Middlebrow#2 Christmas!


James Lileks and I are back with another set of middlebrow ruminations — this time, it’s Christmas movies, from post-war comedies like Christmas in Connecticut and varieties of A Christmas Carol to Arthur Christmas. Take a guess which is the Christmas tradition at the Lileks home.