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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that a far left House Democrat is leaving in June to take a job in the private sector, leaving Dems with one less vote for five months. They also react to Vladimir Putin announcing that Russia is suspending participation in the most recent START agreement that Biden though was such a grand achievement in 2021. They also wonder what the U.S. is really ready to do if China gets more aggressive in aiding the Russian war effort. Finally, they roll their eyes as Don Lemon is allowed to return to CNN but will be required to undergo “formal training” after his comments about women being past their prime last week. In addition, they take a deeper look into the venomous, sometimes racist comments unleashed against Haley because she happens to be on the political right.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the frustrating lack of answers from Norfolk Southern railroad or the government for the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, worried about 20 rail cars filled with toxic substances spilling in their community after a derailment. They also light up CNN’s Don Lemon for suggesting that 51-year-old Nikki Haley is past her prime” and so is every woman beyond her twenties, thirties, and maybe forties. The CNN discussion followed Haley’s suggestion that every political figure over the age of 75 be required to take a mental competency test before serving, an obvious reference to President Biden and President Trump. Haley’s idea prompted Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester to declare Biden has more energy now than he did in his forties. Jim and Greg aren’t buying it.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the FBI searching Biden’s Delaware beach house for classified documents today and reports that the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of information coming from the Justice Department. They also shake their heads as the HHS inspector general concludes the National Institutes of Health failed to keep close tabs on the gain of function research done in Wuhan and elsewhere that was paid for with taxpayer-funded grants. And they sigh as former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan strongly hints that he will run for president in 2024, even though there’s very little chance he will make any ripples in the campaign at all.

Join  Jim and Greg as they appreciate CBS catching up with other reports in realizing the Hunter Biden laptop is real, but they also note the timing matters because of the upcoming GOP House hearings on the Bidens. They also groan as Disney boots CEO Bob Chapek and brings back former longtime CEO Bob Iger. Jim says there are financial reasons for the move but suspects politics are a major factor as well. Finally, they note former UN ambassador and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley strongly hinting towards a 2024 presidential run and they wonder just how big this GOP field is going to get.


Join Jim and Greg for four big stories today! After a classic Jim rant on young people being offended by text messages with periods, they applaud the first night of the Republican National Convention and explain why they believe it was so effective. They also chronicle the epic fall of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the lessons from this sordid saga. And they hammer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for calling Republicans “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America embark on the second half of their six-episode saga known as the 2018 Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, Jim and Greg offer up their selections for the best political idea, worst political idea, and boldest political tactics for 2018.

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Listening the the Sunday talk shows today (its a sort of penance my wife and I perform), I am more convinced than ever that Nicky Haley and Sara Huckabee Sanders are two of Trumps best selections for office.  They are solid and articulate and don’t take any (COC) Preview Open

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