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From the Editors’ Desk: Clinton vs. the NRA?


shutterstock_211678324Via the WSJ, Hillary Clinton is doubling down on her anti-Second Amendment message:

Durham, N. C.—Hillary Clinton is making gun violence a central theme of her campaign, becoming the first leading presidential candidate to directly confront the National Rifle Association without the cover of a hunting license. She is holding town halls with a group known as the Mothers of the Movement, composed of mothers of victims of “gun violence, police and racially charged incidents,” including Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager fatally shot by a white neighborhood-watch volunteer in 2012. In Ohio, six leaders of the group, all of whom lost children in high-profile shootings or police altercations, are set to campaign on her behalf again this weekend in Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

And while this may be smart politics in the Democratic primaries, she may find herself downrange of one of the most powerful and effective lobbies in the land come the general election:

Eagles of Death Metal Singer Rips Gun Control


EoDMThe lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing when gunmen opened fire in a Paris concert hall, says gun control will do the opposite of keeping people safe. Jesse Hughes said in a recent interview that France’s gun laws only made it easier for the terrorists to carry out their attacks.

“Did your French gun control stop a single [expletive] person from dying at the Bataclan? And if anyone can answer yes, I’d like to hear it, because I don’t think so. I think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men that I’ve ever seen in my life charging head-first into the face of death with their firearms.”

He then ripped apart gun control advocates reasoning that less guns will keep people safe.

Gun Safety vs. Gun Control


shutterstock_258067133If you’re not for gun control, at least you should be for gun safety. That’s a line you hear a lot these days. Sometimes the distinction serves a tactical purpose of trying to reframe gun control in a politically less threatening way, as when Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control group styles itself Everytown for Gun “Safety.” But many people do see the two words as meaning different things, with “safety” standing for a seemingly less controversial set of objectives such as preventing accidental misfirings, storing guns in such a way that unauthorized persons can’t get at them, making it easier to trace stolen weapons, and so forth.

But one trouble is that it’s extremely difficult it is to reliably improve these latter kinds of gun safety except in ways that gun owners might themselves be persuaded to adopt. And if goals are obtainable by persuasion, why should legislation come in?

For example, of the steps announced by President Obama last week, probably the most significant is one that will tighten legal pressure on persons who sell guns in small or incidental quantities but who do not currently register as gun “dealers” with the associated license fees and regulatory requirements. One example given of this in-between class are persons who liquidate estates. While some of these persons will (as intended) register as dealers, others will simply offer to handle the sale of the rest of Uncle Harry’s estate but not his small gun collection, which, the family not being sure what to do with it otherwise, may accordingly languish in an attic or the back of a closet. Is anyone actually confident that the risks of theft or misuse from leaving guns in the hands of family members unfamiliar with them is lower than the risk of allowing them to be resold through an intermediary to persons who have consciously chosen to own guns?

The Essential Paradox of Gun Control


On Tuesday, President Obama gave a speech outlining his new gun control program. As is typical for him, the speech was fatuous, disingenuous, and replete with factual errors. It was also warmly received by three group: Democrats, the media, and the shareholders of gun manufacturers.

Shares of Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Smith & Wesson jumped by double digits earlier in the week (though they’ve since retreated) in anticipation of a spike in sales. Since Obama assumed office and the end of last year, their stock has yielded compounded annualized total returns of 43 and 38 percent, respectively, compared to 16 percent for the S&P 500 Index. Every time the president tries to advance his gun control agenda, gun manufacturers reap a windfall.Source: http://nyti.ms/1lRcsRC

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The president’s targeting (and that of the left in general) of people with “mental health” issues on gun control puts our veterans squarely in the crosshairs, if you’ll pardon the pun. What is the fate of a vet who saw a mental health provider for a few months after coming home, in order to square […]

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God, Guns, and the Washington Post


shutterstock_340508300The Washington Post has a piece up by Rob Schenck, which argues that you cannot be pro-life and pro-gun. Schenck has observed that his fellow evangelical Christians are some of the biggest supporters of gun rights. He believes this must change, and has assembled a number of terrible arguments in support of his position.

While I would normally prefer to ignore such a low quality piece, it has become apparent that many Christians hold similar views, and interpret the Bible as a document of pacifism. Like Saint Nicholas, I have come to chew bubblegum and punch heretics, and I’m fresh out of bubblegum.

Schenck writes:

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Virginia’s Attorney General today announced that his state is, as of February 1 of 2016, canceling its Concealed Carry reciprocity with 25 states, including my own state of Ohio.  His stated reasons are outright lies and fabrications, but his real reason for canceling the permit reciprocity is pure and simple spite.  Democrats cannot, at this […]

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I just realized that today is the third anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. On the day of the shooting, I lived less than twenty miles from Sandy Hook. Afterward, I lived in Connecticut as the politicians there used the heat of that tragedy to push a gun control agenda. Preview Open

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Why Liberals Talk about Guns


shutterstock_238729093From Bill McGurn’s latest column in the Wall Street Journal, a truly brilliant insight:

Put simply, today’s liberalism cannot deal with the reality of evil. So liberals inveigh against the instruments the evil use rather than the evil that motivates them….

[T]he urge to blame the weapon has deep liberal roots. It was particularly pronounced in the latter years of the Cold War when Ronald Reagan was president.

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As the left has launched a multi-pronged crusade to enact “tighter gun laws” (en route to the ultimate goal of outlawing the private ownership of firearms), Americans have been responding by buying more guns than ever. In fact. 2015 looks like it will be another record year for gun sales. The left is baffled and […]

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The Libertarian Podcast with Richard Epstein: “Responding to the ISIS Threat”


This week on The Libertarian podcast, Professor Epstein considers the public policy questions stemming from the San Bernardino attack: do gun control efforts have a new currency after yet another mass shooting? Does the US need to seriously constrict immigration? Did the USA Freedom Act’s restrictions on the collection of metadata leave the country needlessly vulnerable? Find out Richard’s take on those questions and more below or by subscribing to The Libertarian via iTunes.

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Not even six months have passed since the left warned us that the ‘Terror Watch List’ was a dangerously arbitrary list with almost no safeguards. The Government has no duty to inform people they are on the list, there was no due process, and appeals are long and costly. No fewer that 280,000 people are […]

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NYT Front-page Editorial: “End the Gun Epidemic in America”


For the first time since 1920, the New York Times has posted an editorial on its front page. Back then, it was to inveigh against the presidential nomination of Warren G. Harding to replace Woodrow Wilson. (Harding went on to win the general election with more than 60 percent of the popular vote.)

This time, the Gray Lady inveighs against guns. We reprint it here in full and ask Ricochet members to respond to it.

Shooting from the Hip


shutterstock_10465210By now, you’ve likely heard of yesterday’s shooting in California. I generally don’t delve into the news on these mass shootings and I feel no particular desire to do so here. I’m sorry for the people hurt but — if it’s remote from me — I remember that it’s a big world with a lot of evil, and I don’t have to feel personally involved in all of it.

But I’ve noticed something about both the reactions by the news and by other people to attacks: when the public reaction to the attack could be aimed against your “side” on some issue — generally because the attacker fits your demographic slot in one way or another — there’s a tension and awkwardness about discussing the attack itself. When the public reaction could go against the other side, then there’s an enthusiasm for every snippet of information or wild speculation.

Consider the reactions to yesterday’s shooting and those to the one at the Planned Parenthood clinic last week. To the Left, the latter was an opportunity to slam people who are anti-abortion, as well as the famous undercover exposés that brought the subject back to public attention. In the California massacre, I expect a lot will be made of the religion of the two attackers, and that will make fodder for the debates over admitting Syrian refugees.

Lies, Damn Lies, and School Shooting Statistics


gunsafetyWe are closing in on the third anniversary of the most horrific gun-related crime in modern memory — the 2012 mass murder of children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Let me ask you a question: How many school shootings do you think have there been since that awful early December morning?

A dozen? Two dozen?