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The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation


The Battle at Wounded Knee is a significant battle in American history, as it put an end to the Indian Wars and is marked as the last official defeat of the Native Americans. But what’s not taught in history lessons is that Wounded Knee was one of the first federally backed gun confiscations in the history of the United States, and it ended in the massacre of nearly 300 unarmed people.

During the late 19th century, American Indians were allowed to purchase and carry firearms, just as white men were. The colonial gun laws did not bar Native Americans from possessing firearms, yet that natural right was violated by government forces at Wounded Knee. And once the guns were confiscated, the battle ensued.

Quote of the Day: The Bad Guys Aren’t Stupid


“What I don’t want to do is restrict law-abiding citizens from their Second Amendment rights, which are focused on freedom. I point that out all the time. Remember, bad guys aren’t stupid, they’re just bad.” — Jim Jordan

This quote represents Jim Jordan at his best: he doesn’t mince words. At a time when gun control advocates are regularly trying to destroy the Second Amendment, gun owners need to be vigilant about those actions and speak out; gun owners are the very people who will be in danger. When those who want gun control allude to confiscating guns, they refuse to recognize that the only people who will be disarmed are the legal gun owners. They can’t possibly believe that the criminals who likely acquired their guns illegally will line up with everyone else to relinquish their guns.

Then again, maybe they do believe that.

Strong, Sensible, Domestic Security Policy


Bill of Rights and TrumpPresident Trump ran and won on a strong, sensible Second Amendment policy. He knew the issue was so important, that he made it the subject of his second position paper for the 2016 campaign.* He, his aides, his supporters, and the GOP need to dust that document off and go on offense this next week. Here is how such a Trumpian approach is a winner in American politics.

The 2016 election hinged on several states in the Rust Belt. Salena Zito and Brad Todd documented the surprising voting demographics that came through for President Trump. One of these groups was labeled “girl gun power.”** These were Millennial to Gen X women who had the strongest belief of any demographic group that they had the undeniable right to decide for themselves what kind of firearm was appropriate for their home defense. The NRA very effectively focussed advertising to them, and they chose guns over genital solidarity, even after the Billy Bush tape.

President Trump absolutely must hold these voters. But what of the signs of losing the old core of suburban Republican women? There are concerns that, as Texas attracted businesses from California, it imported new voters who want economic freedom but have contempt for the Second Amendment and social conservatism. Moreover, there are fears that suburban women, even if identifying as Republican, dislike President Trump.

Did President Trump Just Go Full G.H.W. Bush?


Bush TrumpJust as George H.W. Bush said “read my lips, no new taxes,” Donald J. Trump made unequivocal commitments to protect the Second Amendment. It is time to review them against his current remarks, preparatory to him working with Congress to “do something.” Has he been so shaken as to blunder into the George H.W. Bush trap, thinking he can explain away a plain, strong campaign promise? Is President Trump in danger of tarnishing his brand: “political promise keeper?”

Candidate Donald J. Trump needed the votes of gun owners, especially of women in the Rust Belt swing states. The NRA focused its advertising on them. They chose Trump, even after the Billy Bush tape October surprise. Salena Zito called this group of unlikely Trump voters “girl gun power.”* These women hold the strongest belief, among the population, that they have the right to choose the firearm they deem best for home defense. AR-15 variants and semi-automatic pistols with “high capacity” magazines are just right for them, in calibers and forms that fit smaller hands, arms, and shoulders. President Trump will need every one of these voters again, plus some, in 2020.

President Trump’s voice started to break, and he almost lost his composure, at the end of his formal statement Monday morning. Has he been so shaken by these two mass murders as to throw away his promises in the name of political reality or circumstances? His answers to (leftist Democrat) reporters on the way to Marine One were concerning but ambiguous. Was he just trying to get through the worst of it sounding reasonable? You decide.

President Trump Betrays his Voters and the Constitution? [Updated]


Bethany Mandel nicely laid out the virulently hateful reaction of the Democrats, at every level, to President Trump’s address to the nation on the two mass murders this past weekend. She noted how the New York Times was driven by its own mob to change it’s headline on the president’s address. However, the change, while making the ideological lines clearer, was still fairly accurate:

The first headline read “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism” while the second said “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.” 

Would that this were fully accurate. Sadly, the president has given life to a massive gun grab, done the way American politicians prefer. This president knows full well, by his own words, that he has been targeted by leftists wrapped in black robes. He has learned, and all of us know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the “least dangerous branch of government” has been fully weaponized.

Make Them Own It: Part 3


In the midst of domestic news, the latest turn in the New Zealand mass murder slipped by my radar. It turns out that one of those intersectionality virtuous Muslim clerics, *publicly* blamed the Jews. This was not a fringe figure; he is a prominent leader.

The socialist prime minister was not asked for comment, nor did she find a camera to get in front of and forcefully intone that this was not New Zealander values and a person who expresses such views is not a real New Zealander. After all, the red-green coalition is working according to plan, consolidating state power through the forms of the democracy they are hollowing out.

The New Zealand parliament not only voted 199-1 to confiscate all modern firearms from citizens, they went further and spit in citizens’ faces by passing a second law to prohibit the export sales of the modern firearms. This was so that they could punish all owners by taking their property, disarming them, and handing them only a fraction of the market value of the seized property.

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You need listen to no other video than The Sane Progressives’ recent youtube. Debbie L emphasizes that police statements have already announced, and that legislation now zooming through various state legislatures definitively focus not only on the ban of Ar 15 and other assault rifles, but on all guns. Not only that, and even worse […]

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