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Join Jim and Greg as they discuss a recent New York Times poll showing 70 percent of Americans opposed to elementary school students being instructed about sexual orientation and gender identity. The country is clear on this and Republicans would be insane not to highlight the chasm between the parties. They also enjoy a new poll in Texas showing Gov. Greg Abbott nine points ahead of Beto O’Rourke in the governor’s race and it gives Jim a chance to tell the media that their dream of the Democrats winning statewide in Texas will likely have to wait…again. And they dissect President Biden’s “60 Minutes” interview, in which he’s frustrated that people aren’t happy that inflation has plateaued somewhat in recent months and completely bungles his Taiwan policy again.


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This is your reminder that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. We do not need or want more reminders.  The latest reminder is another horrific and senseless snuffing out of young and innocent lives by a deranged person, this time at an elementary school in deep southwest Texas. It was followed by the predictable […]

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The Consequences of An Open Border: Bidenvilles, Mass Overdoses, and Death


Where do we start?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he is busing immigrants from the Texas border to the nation’s Capitol, possibly creating a “Bidenville” at Lafayette Park, across from the Biden White House. While Biden’s press secretary called it a “publicity stunt,” she has also previously admitted that the Biden Administration is flying immigrants in the dead of night across the country.

My Winter Wonderland Adventure, The Sequel: Snowpocalypse 2022


As usual, the sequel is worse than the original.

Those of you who live in places where the fire hydrants have six-foot poles topping them will find it laughable that anything in Texas can be called a “snowpocalypse.”  If you are used to something, that makes it easier to deal with, and Texas is definitely not used to snow and ice.  I’ve lived in Texas almost eighteen years and have only seen snow here five times.  Incredibly, four of those events occurred in the last four years, including last year’s hundred-year storm.  It’s a good thing we’ve got global warming or there’d be a lot more snowy days.  Based on evidence from the previous “disasters,” most Texans would not survive the state turning into Wisconsin.

Greg and guest host Chad Benson appreciate New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang being the only one to admit that mentally ill people committing violent acts are a problem for the city and that residents have the right to not be assaulted. They also cringe as Iran prepares to install a new president who is already under U.S. sanctions for leading the mass execution of political prisoners in the 1980s. And they react to Sen. Ted Cruz saying that he hopes actor Matthew McConnaughey does not run for governor in Texas because he would be a very formidable candidate.


Elections Have Consequences: Texas


You have doubtless heard of the hair salon owner who defied the diktats, based in wildly unscientific fear-mongering, of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. For Texas counties, that is the top elected position. A black-robed minion under him, a trial judge, also let the mask slip on camera, in his entirely unprofessional treatment of Shelley Luther. Now the Texas Supreme Court has sprung Shelley Luther from jail and Governor Abbott’s new executive order has slammed the door on any further tin-pot thugs dragging people off to jail for allegedly violating a COVID-19 emergency executive order. Elections have consequences.

Clay Jenkins is a Democrat, behaving as Democrats will when they become comfortable that their electorate will never throw them out for a Republican. The fear shifts to attacks from the left, covered by moving enough left to keep winning. So, the residents of Dallas County have exactly the government for which they voted or failed to vote plus volunteer to drive turn-out against the Democrats.

The Austin American-Statesman writing about the Texas Supreme Court’s order, helpfully points out that a string of elections have consequences, provided you use them well:

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Back in the middle of March, when this pandemic was just getting revved up in the US, Andrew Cuomo was dragging his feet about shutting down New York.  He had been told to do so by his experts three days earlier, but he didn’t want to do that.  Anyone remember why?  I’ll go for coffee […]

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Because I was in the right place at the right time a few weeks ago, I got to attend a taping of the “Uncommon Knowledge” Podcast Monday night. The invitation didn’t specify a dress code, but I asked ahead and found out a suit and tie was expected, which meant my normal evening attire wouldn’t cut it. After work […]

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Wendy Davis™ Served Her Purpose


Something special is about to happen in Texas.

Progressive media is going to watch helplessly as one of their Frankenstein creations, Wendy Davis, is tossed to the electoral ash heap. Never a serious candidate as much as a symbol of everything modern liberalism stands for, the goal of elevating Davis had nothing to do with her actually becoming governor of Texas. They have much bigger ideas in mind.

Flop Sweat in Texas


Coaches, CEOs and campaign managers often tell their charges, “never let them see you sweat.” Cool confidence rattles your opponents, making them second-guess their game plan or poll numbers.

The opposite of this air of inevitability is the flop sweater. A rookie stand-up who realizes the audience isn’t getting his jokes. The boxer begging his trainer to call the fight. Or, Wendy Davis.