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Plantains in Ghana by Flixtey.

If you’ll forgive a very rough gloss, Homo sapiens originated in sub-Saharan Africa about 200,000 years ago, spread out across Eurasia and, eventually, into the Americas. In the last two centuries, the cultural and technological changes brought by the Industrial, Green, and Information Revolutions flowed back to the corners of the globe where humanity first arose. It’s been a long trip, but we seem to be approaching the end of this particular journey.

The bad news is that Africa is still a basket case. By almost any quality-of-life measure, it ranks at the bottom of the list. And while some of these problems are political or endemic to the place due to its geography, the good news is that the continent may finally have reached the point where the things that have brought much of the rest of the world out of its natural squalor can finally be applied there as well.