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Jesse Watters of Watters World just did a segment on people asking him what is going on with Drudge, and why his headlines have turned negative towards President Trump. I noticed the same thing for some time. I used to start my day on line for news updates as follows: Drudge Report, Watch.org and Ricochet […]

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Achilles’ Heels, or Am I Being a Heel?


[Updated upon considering some comments. Deletions noted by strike-through; italics annotate additions.]

The conservative media space, social and otherwise, is abuzz with another woman of the left speaking truth we wish to hear to the power of Big Media. Lara Logan is a woman of immense physical courage and moral courage. She has spoken hard truths to real power. She is a real, old-fashioned reporter. Kudos to Lara Logan are warranted. And. Lara Logan is human, like all of us, and we may choose to overlook parts of her humanity that complicate our preferred narrative.

At the height of the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood drove the Egyptian military’s geriatric President Hosni Mubarak from office with massive street protests, as a prelude to parliamentary election victory for the original Islamist movement. Lara Logan led an unarmed reporting team into a large Egyptian public square to capture the people’s story. The crowd of men turned into a mob, gang-raped, and nearly tore her limb-from-limb with their bare hands.

Kudos to Lara Logan


Lara Logan’s outspoken comments in recent days regarding the biased media and the death of journalism came and went quicker than a lightning bolt. Yet this flash of light lingered long enough to spark a fire. Her comments were read across conservative radio, highlighted in the Washington Examiner, and talked about on Fox News. When I heard that she spoke out, claiming to commit journalistic suicide, my ears perked up. She called the left-wing media propagandists.

“Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan said, “responsibility for fake news” begins with journalists as she berated the “liberal” media in a recent interview. “The media everywhere is mostly liberal,” Logan said during a podcast with retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland on Friday. Logan, who said the interview was “professional suicide for me,” also blamed the media for not pursuing objectivity anymore, arguing journalists have evolved into “political activists.

I have been a fan of Ms. Logan for some time. Her journalistic passion for truth was evident in an outstanding investigation which aired on 60 Minutes, October 14, 2015, called The Hidden Holocaust.