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Sadly, promotion of Juneteenth from rhetorical and symbolic recognition to federal workforce paid holiday prompted the usual response of most people going to their corners, blue or red. Part of the reaction from the right was to suggest that Juneteenth was meaningless, and that if any day was to be advanced (really no day was […]

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Grassroots Conservatives Stage GOP Intervention


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Hey, GOP, what’s happening? I assume you’re wondering what we’re doing at your place. I understand you’ve been fearful that this Trump fellow will end up running a third-party campaign. But let’s talk turkey: Given that you’ve lost the popular vote in five of the last six national elections, it’s safe to say that Trump’s running a third-party campaign right now. So let me just cut to the chase: we’re worried about you and are staging an intervention.

Let’s face facts: you have been favoring your holy trinity of DC elites, Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce at the expense of your principled-conservative base for too long. Somebody has to go and if it’s not going to be politically-connected elites then it’s going to be someone who can’t do without: working-class families. In other words, us.