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‘Jeb,’ He Exclaimed


Jeb logoJohn Ellis Bush, a.k.a. Jeb, tweeted out his campaign logo Sunday; an  amusebouche before the big campaign announcement. The reaction was not positive, though I’ve yet to see presidential branding highly praised in the online fever swamps.

As a graphic designer, I’m often asked what I think of various campaign logos. Reactions usually span from “meh” to “that’s atrocious” and Jeb’s entry falls betwixt the two. I rather like the Baskerville Bold font for the “Jeb” and the Hypatia variant for “2016.”

But that exclamation mark.

Stop with the Logos!


A company needs a good logo. A politician needs a good name. But since the turn of the century (this one!) presidential candidates, or their handlers, have decided that they need to be graphically branded like Coca-Cola.

The Obama camp took it to a whole new, creepy level. And now I’m sure all the campaigns are focus grouping the bejeebers out of font styles and graphic elements. That the Clinton folks came up with something that resembles a hospital sign only says that they have the same level of taste in design that they do in candidates.