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Join Jim and Greg as they assess the newest poll on the Florida governor’s race that shows Ron DeSantis with a solid lead. They also cheer as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser drops the vaccine and mask mandates amid economic pressure and low COVID numbers. And Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm refuses to answer questions about her stock holdings because, “The planet is warming faster than ever”.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome Sen. Joe Manchin definitively opposing the Democrats’ sweeping elections bill and get a kick out of the left losing its mind over it. They also shudder as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm publicly admits that ransomware hackers are capable of shutting down our power grids. And they laugh as CNN’s Brian Stelter starts his interview of White Press Secretary Jen Psaki with the softest of possible softball questions.

From the Government, and Here to Help


Secretary of Energy Prevention, Jennifer Granholm has, predictably, come out squarely against a free market in energy. “We expect that [gasoline] station owners are and should act responsibly. We will have no tolerance for price-gouging. Federal and state officials will be investigating those actions if we see price-gouging.”

Secretary Granholm has made it clear that the Biden administration enthusiastically endorses shortages, rather than free-market adjustments, which result in scarcer goods being rationed by higher prices. After all, gas station owners, who usually make between 1 and 3 cents per gallon on the gasoline that serves as an advertisement for Kool Filter Kings and Slim Jims, number among the millionaires and billionaires decried by the Democratic party’s most influential members.