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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Quote of the Day: “Bless Your Heart”


“And should life get dicey, I have a couple surefire strategies for coping. You can say almost anything with both strength and dignity if you start with, ‘With all due respect.’ And a well-timed ‘Bless your heart’ will keep your enemies guessing. So live your life with grit and grace. Count your blessings. Love your family. And remember: Even on our worst days, we are blessed to live in America.” — Nikki Haley

Every time I think of these two comments, I can’t help smiling. The “Bless your heart” comment is apparently one she uses in a sardonic way, Southern woman-style. She said it to President Trump after he attacked her during his first Presidential campaign when she wasn’t yet supporting him. The “With all due respect” comment, if I recall correctly, was her reaction to Larry Kudlow, after he publicly called her “confused” because he was unsatisfied with something she reported. It wasn’t his best moment, and she wanted him to know it. Eventually, she persuaded him that he had to publicly correct the record.