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Arizonans Are Revolting


Filling the restaurants and small venues in the beautiful outdoor weather. While Lord Governor Ducey talked out both sides of his mouth*, desperately trying to split the difference between Abbott/Desantis and Cuomo/Newsom, the bikers rolled back into downtown Mesa for bike night without permission or Mesa city hall control. Live music from an earlier rebellious era filled Main Street, punctuated by the sound of more Harleys rolling in. It was the sound of freedom.

Beyond the biker crowd, people jammed into every surviving eatery and watering hole, including new ones optimistically opened by small, true entrepreneurs. For the first time in nearly a year, you had to search for parking on a Friday night.

Trump Isn’t ‘Nice?’ That’s a Dog Whistle.


Denunciations of President Trump’s public manner, of his alleged assaults on polite society’s sensibilities, of claimed boorish behavior on social media, are at best self-deceptive. They are dog whistles and signaling towards debased social virtue. In addition, President Trump’s alleged especially terrible manners may well be just as fraudulently ginned up as President Ford’s physical clumsiness, a fraud perpetrated by leftists in powerful cultural positions for political advantage. A tale of three women voting for Democrats helps us understand the deep need for these poses, these deceptions.

Three women voting for Democrats:

If You Don’t Ask, You Must Not Want My Vote


Ballot box Dear (appointed) Senator Martha McSally,

If you do not ask, you must not want my vote. You were rejected by Arizona voters when you last ran for the U.S. Senate. Now, after being appointed to our other U.S. Senate seat by Governor Doug Ducey, you appear to be pretending that there is no primary election in this state. But, there is a primary election on August 4, 2020. I have my absentee ballot in hand. Clearly, Republicans and Arizonans who are registered Independent have a real choice. We can vote for you or for Daniel McCarthy. So, why are you hiding? Are you really running at all this year? Do you believe you are a real incumbent who can afford to play the old game of refusing to acknowledge an opponent? You are not.

Arizona Republican Senate BallotDaniel McCarthy has been serious about seeking my vote. His campaign is hitting my phone number almost daily with a short pitch by the candidate. He is asking for my vote and giving me reasons to fill in the bubble next to his name. You, on the other hand, have shown me and every other Arizona Republican and Independent voter complete contempt. How dare you presume on my support?

Governors, Mayors, Congressional Republicans, and All That Jazz


Daniel Henninger in the WSJ, by way of the Dan Proft show, points to the lasting harm of our supposedly national experts’ response to the Chinese virus. The show and Henninger’s column point to a New York City jazz club owner of some renown in the jazz community. Michael “Spike” Wilner writes a weekly e-mail letter posted online from the SmallsLIVE Foundation. Reading this letter surfaces a key issue that governors and local leaders across the country are failing to address, inflicting far more harm than necessary. The massive financial fissure created by government leaders’ edicts and failure to own the consequences of their edicts is unpaid debt: rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax.

Martha McSally, the rest of the Republican Senators up for reelection, and Mitch McConnell own this as well. They have the power to drive legislation that Democrats could not oppose. They can include immediate refundable tax credits for all rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax forgiveness. Instead, they are printing money to paper around the edges of this financial fissure.

Here is the relevant portion of the SmallsLIVE Foundation newsletter [emphasis added]:

Governor Ducey, Stop the Petty Tyrants


Republican governors have been successfully panicked into letting the same local thugs, who reveled in the powers granted to them during the Great Lockdown, now order American citizens to cover their faces, some with as much legal force as the Saudi religious police. Governor Abbott of Texas at least had the wisdom to forbid any criminal penalties under this exercise in bodily control over every free person. Governor Doug Ducey has not been so bright, and so will rightly accrue state-wide blame against the Republican Party. He must immediately amend his latest executive order, number 2020-40, to prohibit anything more than a parking ticket sort of civil penalty for mask non-compliance.

Mesa, Arizona, is muddling through a middle route, requiring masks in most public indoor settings but not while eating or drinking. They will levy civil fines for persistent non-compliance, limited to $50, following Maricopa County.

Mesa issued its mask order Monday, June 22. It was published as a non-text enabled PDF image file. The city council notably exempted schools, a sane decision. Their order really amounts to requiring mask use in interacting with people indoors. Exceptions include working out in a gym or swimming, as well as sitting at a bar or a restaurant table when served food or drink. There are medical and religious exemptions that may be invoked without challenge.

Is Arizona Stuck on Stupid Or Is It a Conspiracy of Cowards?


Consider the words of Arizona’s doctor, Dr. Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the words and demeanor of Arizona Governor Ducey. Then consider the cowering state legislature. Is Arizona stuck on stupid, or governed by a conspiracy of cowards?

See if this makes sense to you, if it inspires you to bow down and accept a governor’s claim of continuing necessity based in the best science [emphasis added]:

Arizona Specific COVID-19 Models and Projections

Arizona Does Coronavirus like Pros


Amateurs talk cases, professionals talk logistics. The professionals are in charge in Arizona. Every state, and the Coronavirus Task Force, should take note and give their citizens the same level of information. Dr. Cara Christ, MD, is the Arizona Department of Health Services director. Watch how this works in its April 14, 2020, Arizona COVID-19 briefing.

First, Dr. Christ lays out the trends in cases. The first chart is from the Arizona coronavirus page, updated daily, giving us a snapshot of the current extent and geography of the disease.

This AEI Events Podcast brings you a dynamic and thought-provoking keynote conversation on American education and workforce development featuring Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Arizona State University President Michael Crow. This keynote was part of an event hosted at Arizona State convening some of the nation’s foremost education and labor experts.

Globalization, automation, and other emerging technologies are poised to reshape the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. The skills needed today and in the future are dramatically different from those demanded in the past. These changes merit a broader and more responsive education system with stronger alignment to employer needs and more flexibility for individuals seeking new skills as they move from one job to another.

Arizona Governor’s End Run Around Education Unions


1409113012000-Doug-DuceyArizona Governor Doug Ducey is not your typical politician. He rose to prominence as the CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, turning a sleepy local chain with a handful of stores into an international brand with nearly 1,500 locations in 31 countries. Having mastered business, he entered state politics, spending four years as Arizona’s treasurer until his landslide election as governor one year ago.

Since his inauguration, Ducey has already fulfilled several of his campaign promises, but his trickiest pledge remained: How could he give more money to classrooms without raising taxes? For decades Arizona has led the nation in school-choice initiatives, but a years-long court case mandated more money for the K-12 education. This summer, a judge ordered that an additional $336 million be spent at once and perhaps as much as $1.3 billion in back payments in the near future. As I note in my article for The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Gov. Ducey knows how to wheel and deal while keeping his promises to the taxpayers:

Reviewing several poor options, the governor’s office noticed something curious about the results of the 2000 [schools] tax increase. Education spending had gone up 41%, but the share of funds eaten by non-classroom expenses, such as plant operations and student support services, had grown every year for the past nine. The state auditor’s office calculated that in 2013 Arizona spent only 54% of school funds in the classroom, compared with 61% nationwide. Several academic studies have shown a direct correlation between that figure and student achievement, so it’s no surprise that Arizona ranks near the bottom in educational success, too.