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Lake Street
Aftermath of the riots on Lake Street in Minneapolis
I waited over a week for the flames to subside before remarking on my city. After the heinous death of George Floyd sparked protests that devolved into violent riots, lawlessness, and absolute terror-inducing chaos, things have become unsettlingly…settled. The eyes of the nation have shifted from Minneapolis to cities from coast to coast. The names of the streets change, but the scenes are shockingly similar: smashed storefronts, roving bands of looters, brutal violence perpetrated on the streets, shooting flames lighting up the night sky. But it’s the aftermath that brings the conclusion into focus. The last three months have proven what the underclass in America has known for decades: the problem is no longer too much government, but too much bad, self-serving government.

The 2016 election echoed resoundingly within the gated communities of the privileged class and shook the ivory towers of pundits and political elites. The rebellion of the ruled against the rule-makers was partly a result of a growing unrest among Americans living under this two-tiered system. Regurgitated platitudes that only benefitted the growing bureaucracy has two effects on citizens: submissive defeat, or acting for change. Much post-election analysis showed working- and lower-class white Americans opted for the latter. Now the rest of the unheard ignored is coming to the same realization.