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Follow Wisdom First — Then Science


Fellow Ricochet member @flicker recently shared a video on COVID-19 in one of our groups. I was so impressed by it, I had to post it here. It’s lengthy, but take the time. I say that because it involves your health, well-being, and our collective future. It was encouraging, if that word can ever coincide with this nasty pandemic. It features Dr. Robert Malone, a creator of the mRNA technology, a delivery system of medicine that has and will continue to revolutionize treating many diseases with a targeted approach.

The other person is someone called Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. While his field is veterinary medicine, he is so full of wisdom in the study of this virus and contributes tremendous amounts of insight into its evolution and treatment options at this point, and what to expect going forward.

Vaccine Passports: A Terrible Idea


You would think by now that most countries would be trying to reduce the suffering and fear of their citizens regarding COVID-19. Instead, they are upping the ante, trying to make sure that future travelers will be subject to a new demand: proof that you’ve been vaccinated for the virus.

The idea of a “vaccine passport” is repugnant on so many levels: (1) people will not only have to take the vaccine at the demand of governments and airlines, but they will also have to show proof of vaccination; (2) bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities could require proof for admittance to their facilities; (3) people will be divided into “insiders” and “outsiders”—those who have had the vaccine and those who have not; (4) and questions about whether current requirements must be continued, such as masks and social distancing and for how long will be debated, even after the vaccine has been distributed. Never mind the incursion on privacy.

Why should people have to have more government mandates forced on them? What will be the burden of documentation and the mismanagement of the information for travelers? We won’t know for a while about the effectiveness of the vaccine over time, and how long a person will be protected. We are learning more about the virus every day, but there are still many unanswered questions.

Not Smart Enough to Raise Their Kids


The State of Oregon has taken two children away from their parents because the parents aren’t smart enough to take care of them. I’m not kidding.

While driving in the car, I heard this story on Glenn Beck a few days ago. Beck was going to interview a young woman who had given birth to two children; she had been tested to have an IQ of 72. I expected her to sound like someone who had trouble putting her words together; what I heard was a young, articulate woman who was desperately trying to recover her children. Of course, the story is not quite that simple, so I’ll give you more background.

Amy Fabbrini, 31 years old, gave birth to her child, Christopher, four years ago. The Department of Human Services removed Christopher from his parents’ custody shortly after he was born. Five months ago Ms. Fabbrini had a second child, Hunter, whom the State took directly from the hospital. The parents now live together and have supervised visits with their children. Fabbrini’s partner, Eric Ziegler, tested at a 66 IQ. (Average IQ is between 90 and 110.) They both have high school diplomas.