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Gavin Newsom Invites Floridians to California—Seriously?


When I read this headline, I had to make a double-take. Gavin Newsom could not be this delusional, thinking that he could lure Floridians to California. But I was wrong. He’s running a 30-second TV ad starting Monday on Fox News, and he should be able to hear the guffaws all the way to California. In part, the ad says:

‘I urge all of you live in Florida to join the fight, or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to choose, freedom from hate and the freedom to love,’ Newsom added. ‘Don’t let them take your freedom.’  

A Bad Decade Last Week in Tampa


Vladimir Lenin, of Soviet Union infamy, once observed that “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” Both Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays and the Washington Post newsroom experienced this firsthand last week. We’ll save the Washington Post for another day since that is still playing out. What a newsroom that is.

Let’s start with the national pastime. It began when the Florida sports franchise felt compelled to express its moral indignation over the May 24th massacre at Uvalde’s Ross Elementary School. The Rays organization announced a $50,000 grant, not to victims’ families or to improve school safety but to the anti-gun advocacy group, “Everytown for Gun Safety.” They advocate for banning undefined “assault rifles,” opposing state laws that allow teachers and schools to arm themselves to protect children, and getting rid of most concealed carry permit laws, especially reciprocity between states. And much more.

I Want to Believe


RDS — in answer to a Democrat Media Operative journalist’s question – explains why he (unlike Glenn Youngkin) will not allow local bureaucrats to impose lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Governor DeSantis Ready to Rumble


Governor Ron Desantis official RumbleGovernor Ron DeSantis is ready to Rumble* with the radical Democrat regime and their social media wing. In April, Google/YouTube discriminated against his viewpoint and sought to silence a governor and real medical experts competing opinions by deleting a video conference recording. Governor Desantis did not engage in phony posturing.

Instead, he had his staff establish an official Rumble channel and change all video links in official press releases to point to Rumble. This means that the governor’s office of Florida is directing traffic away from YouTube toward a newer platform, Rumble. Governor Desantis shows what an aggressive, informed executive looks and sounds like.


An Eyewitness COVID Report from Florida


Universal mask-wearing and social distancing.  And no lockdown in sight. Not being a elected public official from Texas, my spouse and enjoyed a nice trip to Florida sans doxxing and media, where we were grateful for warm weather; we’re blessed to have escaped to a decent (not spectacular) resort on short notice and traversed south via car just ahead of snow and ice storms that seem to have gripped most of the country and even parts of northern Mexico (not Cancun, apparently).

I had heard and read conflicting things about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ management of the COVID crisis – he never executed a lockdown of the state – or on citizens’ behaviors. A quick internet search is replete with endless excoriation of Florida’s handling of the virus and vaccine distribution, despite nearly 50 percent of the state’s seniors being vaccinated. I’d also heard that Floridians and especially workers were flaunting CDC safety standards, with crowded bars and limited masks. Some idiot dressed as the grim reaper has been spotted with media in tow along some of Florida’s beaches.

Were people actually wearing masks? Social distancing? Were retailers and other companies taking precautions? We know people and friends who‘ve been afflicted with COVID and lost loved ones. We grieve with them, along with 511,000 Americans who have also been lost to the China virus.

Member Post


…you got a lot of people in your profession who waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York. Thus spake no less a figure than Florida’s Governor Extraordinaire Ron DeSantis. Now please don’t take this as another unwarranted attack on Governor DeSantis. He’s obviously been doing […]

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Ron DeSantis dropped facts and logic all over reporters, and suggested they were indulging “black helicopter” level conspiracy theories and so credulous as to be motivated buyers for a bridge in Brooklyn. That called to mind a few songs on this Wednesday.  Ron DeSantis was talking with reporters as he hosted Vice President Pence.  Preview […]

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Gov. Ron DeSantis Tackles COVID-19 Head-On


This morning I had my hair cut—legally—and I’m in a great mood, especially as I look at the state of Florida and the way it’s getting through this pandemic. The governor of Florida has been masterful at walking the tightrope between practicing courage and caution. Compared to many other states where draconian measures are being enacted based on fear and politics, Gov. DeSantis has shown a powerful way to deal with this pandemic; other governors should take note. No arrests on beaches, no citations for walking your dog—and Gov. DeSantis must be highly commended for the steps he’s taken so far.

Yet the resistance has been strong from the Democrats: