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Thoughts on the Gosnell Movie


Earlier today, I went to see the Gosnell movie, a movie which is going to change the debate about abortion forever. I was surprised by the part of the movie that affected me most deeply; in a movie that was totally about babies, the part that moved me the most wasn’t really about the babies. It was the scene in which an actress playing Gosnell’s daughter makes a very brief appearance.

That must sound so strange. Please let me explain: I am the daughter of two people who have been very active in the pro-life movement since before I was born. I have always been well aware of the horrors of abortion, and I was prepared when I walked into the movie theater to be horrified by what was done to those babies. I was also aware that abortion hurts and sometimes kills women. I was prepared for that too. I also knew that abortionists are often — to put it mildly — incompetent doctors. That part didn’t surprise me either. But the very brief shot of Gosnell’s daughter shook me to my core.