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In a special crossover episode, Jack turns the last episode of The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg on which he appears in sidekick capacity into an episode of Young Americans. He spends it quizzing Jonah about things he has been meaning to ask him for a long time. Drugs, alcohol, punching people and getting punched by people are all discussed.

NFL Poll Numbers Continue Their Fall Off a Cliff


I know I have been hammering the NFL a lot lately, but why not? They deserve every negative word. We warned them on Twitter to wake up and smell the coffee, and they chose the path of destruction for themselves. I feel nothing for them.

Now we have a new poll out that shows that they may not be able to recover. NFL Football is now the least-liked sport. Shock Poll: NFL Now Least Liked Sport, Core Fans Down 31%

Time for Bed


“But I don’t want to!” she cried petulantly, “It’s still day. See? The sun is still up!”

The litany of children with proper bedtimes in summer time. I can understand, as I was one of those children once upon a time, as were many of the Ricochetti I am sure. To go to bed to the sounds of… well… no one says it quite like Robert Louis Stevenson, now do they?