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James Breakwell, Twitter celebrity, Indiana father of four daughters, and author of Bare Minimum Parenting – The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child, discusses raising children in today’s world. He and Bridget cover “drone parenting”, screen time and social media, keeping your perspective on parenting and ignoring the shamers, and why wanting your kid to go to Harvard is basically a euphemism for wanting them to make the most money. They also discuss treating Twitter like a job, how “overnight success” is really the result of at least ten years of slogging, and why saying “let’s cut parents some slack,” is a radical message in this day and age, but it shouldn’t be. You can find James on Twitter @XplodingUnicorn.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Another Disturbed Teen Does Not Open Fire on Maryland High School, No Deaths Reported


Lost in the daily torrent of data as mere local news, not worthy of national ballyhooing, was a story of a father’s tough love for his 18-year-old daughter. He found a journal and materials in her room and called the cops, who promptly and properly responded. The incident happened last March and the now 19-year-old woman was sentenced late last month to 20 years in prison.

Nicole Cevario, 19, was sentenced after pleading guilty to possessing explosive material with the intent to create a destructive device.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. The Old Wooden Shoeshine Box


Back in 2005, I was searching for a shoeshine box for my husband. I know that it’s a nutty gift, but I found all his shoe polish, old rags, and brush in a nasty, zip lock bag. He would get it out and polish and buff his shoes on occasion. He was taught to take care of his shoes, his car, his clothes, all his belongings.

I had fond memories of this wooden shoe box that belonged to my dad. My dad’s wooden shoe box contained all the supplies needed to make your leather shoes look like new, and a footrest to buff, on top of the box. I loved that box – it was a part of my dad’s life, like his army dog tags in his cedar box on the dresser from the 1940s, where he was deployed to Japan and served as military police, and his hand-tied fishing hooks that I still have from his fly-fishing days.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. What’s the Sneakiest Thing You Ever Did as a Parent?


A few neighborhood kids stopped by today. We were blessed with lots of kids in the neighborhood — my children’s childhood was much like my own with most of their time spent outside.

My granddaughter had a particularly obnoxious (read: noisy) toy and I mentioned it sounded like an ice cream truck. All the kids had a vague recollection of a popsicle or two — hardly a regular occurrence. I came clean and admitted I slipped the ice cream truck driver a 20 at the beginning of every summer to avoid our block.