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Hi, I’m Mikayla.


Hello Ricochet Community. My name is Mikayla Goetz.

I am a brand new contributor here on Ricochet who was last seen inspiring some pretty fabulous debate on my first post–”Freedom is a Tricky Thing.” 

ACF PoMoCon #12: Plague Politics


Pete Spiliakos and I talk about politics in the age of the plague–what’s so insane about supply-side economics, what it means to think politically and prudentially, what the common good requires, and how to understand our weaknesses that we may deal with them. Fear is good, seriousness is required, preparing for the crisis unfolding, and planning for overcoming it is the sequence we need to go through. Pete and I have praise for Tucker Carlson and Sen. Tom Cotton, and a lot of criticism for everyone else.

The Most Informed vs. the Least Informed


“…I used to think that it was the most informed people in America who were going to save the country. And I’ve started to think maybe it’s the least informed people in America who are going to save the country, because those of us who are the most informed are busy smacking each other across the head on a regular basis.” — Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro had an interesting interview with Glenn Beck, who came across as more likable than I often find him. Perhaps it’s that he’s selling a new book. But a worthwhile conversation.

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 Abandoned buildings in Detroit Four years ago, someone predicted an all out attack on the Church. He traveled to Greece to show the fallout from anarchists, economic instability, battles between law enforcement and inner city residents, a raging heroin epidemic, and it reminded me of our inner city problems today. He predicted many times the eruption of […]

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Brad Thor: Trump is an Extinction Level Threat to American Democracy


bradthor2Best-selling spy novel author Brad Thor just gave a remarkable interview on the Glenn Beck show in which he passionately explained why Donald Trump represents “an extinction level” threat to American democracy. I’m in full agreement. Here are Thor’s remarks, as reported by Lori, a journalist employed by the Beck organization. Everyone should read this.

“I think Trump is an extinction-level event potentially for our republic, for democracy. This is one of the greatest crises our nation has seen since the Great Depression, since World War II — is a potential Donald Trump presidency. It is a disaster for liberty,” Thor said. Glenn doesn’t often struggle to have his voice heard, but Thor’s passion overwhelmed the conversation.

“Listen, Andrew Sullivan, who I’m not a big fan…I don’t agree with a lot of stuff Andrew Sullivan writes…he wrote a brilliant piece recently in New York Magazine, and he said, “Democracies end when they are too democratic.” And he looked at Plato’s republic and some of the thoughts Plato had on democracy, and how, when there are no values, when anything is possible, when everything goes, that’s when a tyrant steps in and takes control of what Plato calls an “obedient mob.” It’s exactly what Trump has done. It is a brilliant, brilliant piece of writing. And I encourage everybody to read it,” Thor said.

Facebook and the Rise of Conservative Grievance Politics


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

When conservatives criticized Facebook for spiking right-leaning content, CEO Mark Zuckerberg did something odd for a liberal tech titan: he listened. The kajillionaire invited several leading conservative voices to fly out to the left coast and share their concerns in person. Despite Zuckerberg’s sickening oversight of not inviting yours truly, I was impressed that he was savvy enough to call a summit.

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So Glenn Beck wrote something about the recent meet-up between Facebook and Conservatives. According to Beck, the Conservatives basically wanted affirmative action for their group with diversity training, and some Conservative leaders demanded (in Beck’s view) that Facebook hire more Mormons, because 2% of the country is Mormon while also taking 6 months of the employees’ time for […]

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This December, Join the Gang at Bullets and Bourbon in Texas


bullets_bourbon_ricochet_9-14-15-1Want to help preserve the Second Amendment? Like luxury and fine dining? Think you can’t have both? This is not your father’s conservative weekend event. Guests of Bullets & Bourbon will be staying at a luxurious executive retreat (Rough Creek Lodge, pictured above) a little over one hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. They will be fed world class cuisine and have the use of 11,000 acres of hunting, shooting, and every type of activity you can think of.

Our speakers are Glenn Reynolds – a.k.a the Instapundit – Ricochet’s own Kevin D. Williamson, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air, Dana Loesch of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, and from PJ Media.com, Roger L. Simon, Stephen Green, and Dr. Helen Smith, plus strength training expert Mark Rippetoe. Guests will not only hear presentations by our incredible speakers, but will break bread and perhaps a few sporting clays with them.

Bullets and Bourbon is the inaugural events of Full Digital Jacket. FDJ was started with the aim of presenting educational and social events in support of the First and Second Amendments, with an appropriate thanks for the 21st Amendment. Not surprisingly, the topic for Bullets and Bourbon is the Second Amendment, and the threats and attacks it is facing in the United States today.