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It Is Truly Right and Just to Give Thanks


Today is the great American holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s not a religious holiday, and yet it is religious. It is a day to thank God for all the blessings he has given us. Since all religions, I think, thank God in some way and since we have many religions in the United States living side by side, this is a perfect American holiday. One that we can all share.

But we Catholics know gratitude to the Lord in a special way. Every Mass as part of the Eucharistic Prayer (part of the consecration of the bread and wine) we offer God our thanks. This exchange which leads to the Eucharistic Prayer should be familiar to Catholics.

Thanksgiving Lesson From Linus


Did you catch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” on PBS this week? The most memorable line was from Linus’ moment at the table, thanking God and the settlers for the first Thanksgiving. The Peanuts gang included a colorful mixed bag of guests, including a special dog, a bird, and that famous piano music. No social justice message or censorship of history, just a simple prayer.

I vaguely remember as we approached Thanksgiving in grade school one year, we were asked to dress up as either a pilgrim or an Indian. I dug out shiny buckle-looking earrings from my aunt’s jewelry box and clipped them to my loafers. We drew pictures of turkeys with crayons by outlining our hands and got bags of candy corn. We learned about that famous first dinner and the sharing of food between two cultures. In spite of all that is going on in the world, we are the only country with this one very special holiday. Millions will take a journey just to share a drumstick with those they love.

Surviving Thanksgiving and Black Friday


I love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade while I prepare food. Loved Snoopy’s NASA outfit this year, and the cheerleaders, but not performing to a RuPaul song. Santa coming down past Macy’s is to me, the official kick-off.

I don’t know why, but my husband loves Black Friday. He says it gets him into the Christmas spirit to get out early, mingle with all the shoppers and find great deals – so we did that – again.

But let’s address “Thanks”-giving. Our gathering was really nice. My brother-in-law smoked a turkey breast on his smoker dashed with some Cajun seasoning. We had cornbread stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, cobbler, and apple and pumpkin pies – a respectable Southern gathering, minus our last remaining parent. My mother-in-law passed in April, the week of Easter. This is the first year my husband, me and his family will have holidays without her or any parent.

Member Post


It’s like getting a little holiday hug! I poured a coconut milk eggnog, with Bing and Satchmo in the background, and started writing my cards. I soon found myself a little teary-eyed looking over the names on the Ricochet Christmas Card list. I recognized them all and realized how special this site is. I thought […]

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