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About That Vacancy…


Now that the coronavirus crisis is essentially over but for the continuing economic disaster being wrought by various governors and power-drunk state officials, we could do with yet another catastrophe to keep the press enthused through the end of this election year.

The passing this week of Justice Ginsburg will do just fine.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for calling athlete protests of the national anthem “dumb,” “stupid,” “disrespectful,” and “arrogant.”  They also enjoy watching Democrats squirm over Wikileaks revelations, including DNC official Donna Brazile getting caught helping Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders and a top Clinton Foundation official calling Chelsea Clinton a “spoiled brat.”  And they sigh as Glenn Beck reveals that he considered voting for Clinton before ultimately deciding against it.

Will Another Alito Ever Be Confirmed?


Bush-Alito-051031After the Supreme Court’s latest term, a line has been drawn in the sand so clearly that even a RINO can see it without glasses.

The Obergefell decision is fairly fragile. Justice Kennedy might resign during the next president’s term, and a Republican president might appoint his replacement. But if the current balance of the court is in danger of being pushed rightward*, the Democrats will do anything to stop it. They will use the filibuster and leave the seat unoccupied, for years if necessary.

In this scenario, our best hope is that the GOP holds firm and refuses to accept another moderate like Kennedy. As long as Republicans has a majority in the Senate, they should use all available countermeasures against the filibuster, blocking bills and even holding payment of federal employees as ransom.