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Mounting Debt at the Holidays: Is it Worth it?


Now you may think I don’t have a dog in this hunt. Jewish gift giving is a fairly recent phenomenon. Then again, there are plenty of Jews who have put up Chanukah trees, too, and talk about Santa Claus coming to town. But I digress.

In my childhood family, gift-giving at Chanukah was very modest. The two years I remember most—one, I received a beautiful knit blouse with large pearl-like buttons. I wore it for years until it fell apart (or maybe I grew out of it). The other nights of Chanukah I received candy, a hairbrush, and other inexpensive treats. Another year my parents bought my brother and me a gift to share: a second-hand bicycle with training wheels. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven. It never occurred to my parents to go into debt for gifts.

In these days, however, the rising credit card debt is worse than ever. Even with the recovering economy, people treat credit cards as cash. A Nerd Wallet study not only reported alarming credit card usage but compared this year’s results to last year’s, reporting that shoppers plan to:

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My klutzy self has not been doing anyone any favors lately, whether what I’m breaking is computers or body parts. By falling off a stepladder, I neatly put the kibosh on having a few good days before Christmas to do the gift planning I’ve till now done earlier in the year. At first, nothing seemed […]

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