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‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine’


The rolling date of the end of the world used to be a feature of religious leaders. They would attract followers and wait in some field on the appointed date, and like someone whose flight has been canceled would have to wait for another flight on another day. The secularist is not immune to the end of the world prophecies. Ms. Cortez has given us 12 years to clean up the planet, and she has found her share of acolytes who will find themselves disappointed and will have to reset the date like those prophets of the past.

I can remember the Rapture craze, or fad if you like. The strange thing is I could never find the true believer that would place my name on the deed to their home, or business that they would no longer need as they were whisked away to heaven leaving the rest of us behind to suffer on this terrible planet.

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I never knew the old Washington before the virtue war with its big band music, its glamour and easy charm. Tucson suited me better. I got to know it in the classic period of the lobbyist and advocacy groups. We’d vote for anything if people wanted it enough and had the money to pay. Of […]

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The Most Informed vs. the Least Informed


“…I used to think that it was the most informed people in America who were going to save the country. And I’ve started to think maybe it’s the least informed people in America who are going to save the country, because those of us who are the most informed are busy smacking each other across the head on a regular basis.” — Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro had an interesting interview with Glenn Beck, who came across as more likable than I often find him. Perhaps it’s that he’s selling a new book. But a worthwhile conversation.