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It’s Not Just the Democrats’ HR 1 or HR 4, the So-Called “Corrupt Politicians Act.” Other “Reforms” are Afoot. Canada’s federal election on Monday featured what they call a “first past the post” election – whoever gets the most votes in a “riding” (what they call parliamentary districts) wins the election, even if no one […]

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Democratic superstar Stacey Abrams tweeted that she’s “hitting the road” to have conversations with folks on “politics, leadership, and social justice.” However, none of the initial tour stops in the crucial campaigning months of September, October, and November, are in Georgia. Preview Open

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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome two more states making progress on election integrity. They also cringe at the April jobs report coming in way below expectations. And they react to Democrats and activists using the absurd, supposedly inclusive term of “birthing people” instead of mothers.

Deliberately Losing Georgia?


Democrats barely won Georgia in 2020.  In sane times, a party that barely wins a state for the first time would do everything it can to shore up (fortify?) its margin of victory, hoping for bigger future wins.

Democrats are doing the exact opposite.   They are doing everything they can to alienate the state by preventing members of their most loyal constituency from making money off the All Star game.

I guess that kind of craziness isn’t surprising in an era where mayors let their own cities burn, thinking it will enhance their resumes.  Or a time when large companies openly alienate half of their customers.  The Democrats’ attitude toward Georgia would seem to fit with the other craziness.

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the Biden administration’s grudging concession that there needs to be upgrades to our physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. They also groan as the Senate parliamentarian, as expected, will allow the Democrats to pursue one more bill by a simple majority during this fiscal year. That means the $2 trillion “infrastructure” bill can become law without a single GOP vote in Congress. And they get a kick out of President Biden trying to pretend he wasn’t a major catalyst in getting the all-star game moved out of Atlanta.

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Hi, kids! Great job on learning the logic lesson recently about the “Strawman Argument.” For today’s lesson, we are going to focus on the press and social media. Specifically, what are the five ways nearly everyone responds to a political attack or accusation? This is important, because in today’s culture if you express an opinion […]

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Jim is back! Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for speaking the truth about the new Georgia elections bill and contrasting it with the hyperbolic lies of the left. They also examine the bizarre effort of what Jim calls the “Democrat outrage complex” to get the Major League All-Star Game moved from Atlanta. And they welcome the news the Democrats are no longer trying to steal an Iowa congressional seat but the excuse for giving up the effort is truly pathetic.

The Latest Woke Boycott – Against Coca-Cola


Welcome to our world of wokeness. It is not a nice, tolerant, or intelligent place. But it does spark a sense of humor, at least among normal Americans, at least until they find themselves in the sights of our aspiring overlords.

Cancel culture, as many of you should know, is not without funding and organizational support. I’ve seen and experienced it first hand. So have many corporate executives, who find themselves inundated with a sudden barrage of simple, scripted bot emails and phone calls from what seems like an “organic” movement (hint: it’s not). Boards of Directors seem to get them as well.

Rob Long is in for the vacationing Jim Geraghty. Join Rob and Greg as they welcome the rescue of the massive cargo ship Ever Given from the Suez Canal and highlight some important lessons that ought to be learned from this episode. They also discuss the coming reality of vaccine passports that will require you to have a COVID vaccine or a negative test to gain entry to various events and businesses. Is this the right of private sector businesses or a major blow to whatever privacy we have left? And we discuss the hysterical reaction to the new election laws in Georgia, with Rob explaining that recent elections prove that voter suppression isn’t actually a problem.

Praise for Georgia’s Election Reform Law


You’ve likely heard the howls and exhortations from Democrats, like losing gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and losing presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – even President Joe Biden (“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century!”) – complaining about the election reform law in Georgia signed by Gov. Brian Kemp (R) today.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for refusing to spend “one red cent” of taxpayer money on Critical Race Theory on the Florida civics curriculum. They also hammer the naked hypocrisy and opportunism of Senate Democrats who constantly tried to filibuster the Trump agenda but now insist it’s an ugly impediment to democracy and equality. And they shred New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for wanting police to confront people who have committed no crimes but may have hurt someone else’s feelings.

Love her or hate her, at least you know what you’re getting with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Find the original post at https://fierce.substack.com/p/fierce-focus-3-rep-marjorie-taylor.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss eye-opening numbers of Americans fleeing deep blue states and heading for places with more freedom. They also unload on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for threatening major fines for not giving out vaccines soon enough and vowing even bigger penalties for giving vaccines to groups who shouldn’t be getting them yet. And they roll their eyes at yet another Kamala Harris story about herself that seems impossible to believe.

For the last episode of 2020, Jack goes shockingly topical, inviting his friend Noah Weinrich, a Georgia native, to discuss and — with some cajoling — predict what will happen in his home state’s upcoming Senate runoff elections.

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for cranking out as many judicial confirmations as possible before the end of the session. They also discuss the truly crazy comments of Georgia Senate hopefuls Rev. Warnock comparing the GOP tax cuts to Herod’s slaughter of babies in Bethlehem and Jon Ossoff being clueless on the job of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And they shake their heads as officials in Austin, Texas, finally realize that shutting down and defunding the police cadet academy was probably a bad idea.

Join Jim and Greg as they wrap up the week with three big stories. First, they recoil at the radical anti-Israel statement from Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock. They also fire back at the Democrat in Texas who wants to limit when you can defend your life and property. And they react to a Los Angeles Times editor urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign so Gov. Gavin Newsom can appoint both black and Latino senators.