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Reading Putin: July 2021 Foreshadows February 2022


On July 12, 2021, the Kremlin published an article with Putin as the official author. This was a Moscow-centric telling of the history of Russia and Ukraine. It denied, by omission, the Holodomor and the ethnic cleansing of the Crimean Tartars, because Stalin had been rehabilitated as a great patriotic leader by Putin. On February 21, 2022, when Putin went before the Russian and international public with his effective declaration of war against Ukraine, readers of the official English translation found a message consistent with last summer’s supposed historical account. We were all warned, before the execrable Biden regime execution of the Afghan exit.

Putin issued his justification paper last summer in the context of internal moves to whitewash Moscow’s Soviet era depredations and the Democrats, emplaced and empowered by the social media billionaires, unilaterally crushing American oil and gas dominance. The Democrats, empowered by evil Alphabet (Google/YouTube) and Zuckerberg’s stealing of the 2020 election, made the world much more dependent on Russia and other bad actors, pouring petrodollars into a struggling economy, enabling the financing of military adventurism. Now they say we must pay for the effects of their lab-coat leftist regime by massive increases in the cost of fuel and every item delivered by truck.

President Trump had Putin tightly contained, unlike Bush the Younger (who lost the country of Georgia’s independence), Obama (who green-lighted the initial covert invasion of Ukraine), and now the Biden regime. President Trump contained Putin by making NATO members take ownership of their treaty obligations, by praising Polish independence in Poland while recalling the wrongs done by both Germany and Russia, by being much more decisive militarily, by effective financial threats to stop Nord Stream 2, and by driving down energy costs and flooding the world market with American oil and gas capacity. The current regime undid all of this in the first months of 2021, signaling Putin that he could go back to reestablishing the pre-1991 borders of Greater Russia.

President Bush’s Mistaken 9/11 Speech


Bush Granted Moral Equivalence of 9/11 Perpetrators With the Wrong “Domestic Terrorists.” It Should Go To “May 19” and Their Successors, Not January 6th.

Many of us, I suspect, are relieved that the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, is over. Most have moved on, back to work, to the continuing crisis in Afghanistan, an election in California, and other issues at home. It was not fun to relive the horror of that day, the loss of life, and the anger it rekindled. But it was necessary.

How To Honor 9/11 This Weekend


The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is on Saturday and a generation of Americans is too young to remember it. Thirteen soldiers, mostly too young to remember 9/11, died in Afghanistan last week; most were infants or toddlers when Islamic terrorists flew commercial airplanes into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. It is why they fought in Afghanistan in the first place.

Those of a certain age remember exactly what we were doing, not just that morning of September 11, 2001, but the days that followed, we all have stories. Like 2006 West Point Graduate and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Patrick Dowdell has special memories. Especially how the father of this Queens native didn’t come home that night, buried under the rubble of the World Trade Center while trying to save people as a fireman. Every 9/11, Dowdell and his friends, family, and father’s former colleagues and friends gather at Station No. 4 in Queens to remember the fallen and their heroism.

The Biden Speech I Would Have Drafted


President Biden finally found his way back to the White House this afternoon to deliver a speech about his failure in Afghanistan. If he were a real president, in full control of his mental faculties and looking to earn respect from his constituents, here’s what he should have delivered. You can read his miserable, finger-pointing, “not my fault” remarks as delivered here.

Note: I’m a former speechwriter. I have written speeches for a Cabinet Secretary in the Bush 41 Administration, a leading United States Senator, and on occasion, a couple of Fortune 250 corporate CEOs.

Here’s the speech I would have written and he would never have given, considering his lack of integrity, failure of leadership, his diminished mental state, and his awful staff. And I would have resigned before being fired. These are incompetent and deluded people, from the top down. This is the first draft, so forgive the errors.

‘Charlie Did It’


Since 1789, some 12, 420 Americans have served in the U.S. House of Representatives. I know of only three who have had full-length motion pictures made about them, and only one specifically related to his service in that chamber. Perhaps there are others: Davy Crockett (TN), Abraham Lincoln (IL), and Charlie Wilson (TX).

Books? Sure, lots of them, but no movies. US Senators haven’t fared much better, at least real ones. I’m sure my reader will correct me if I’ve missed anyone. I probably have.

“Charlie Wilson’s War” was a 2007 epic starring Tom Hanks in the lead role as US Rep. Charles Wilson (D-TX). The legendary Fess Parker famously portrayed Davy Crockett in a popular television series, and Billy Bob Thornton portrayed Crockett in 2004 in The Alamo. Fourteen actors have portrayed Abraham Lincoln, including the late Henry Fonda, Hal Holbrook, Jason Robards, Gregory Peck, and even Kris Kristofferson (who is very much still alive), but perhaps best by Daniel Day-Lewis in 2012.

Roman Genn arrived in America in 1991, fresh after departing his native Soviet Union, where his caricatures resulted in what he refers to as, “many unpleasant encounters with police officials.” He sat down with our own Dave Carter for a freewheeling exchange about life in the US, where his immense talent and sense of mischief have flourished on the cover of National Review and many other publications. The conversation crosses continents and covers everything from the reaction of various public personalities and US presidents to Roman’s art, to his deployments with US Marines to the middle east, and much more. Dave reports that the only thing that caught him off guard was Roman’s irrepressible sense of humor, which caused face cramps on the part of our host from all the laughing.

Ricochet Member Lois Lane was kind enough to drop by and talk about her recent post, “Eating Out in a Restaurant in the Age of COVID-19,” and share her experience as college professor, teaching history and English. It’s a captivating discussion that you’re sure to enjoy.

The 9th Circuit Sides with Constitution and Trump


We are used to leftist opinions from the often derisively labeled Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. However, President Trump with the support of Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has seized the opportunity to firm up the Supreme Court, making wacky rulings from lower courts more difficult within the rules of the judicial game. He has steadily placed relatively reliable constitutionalist judges in lower courts, including the Ninth Circuit. This is starting to pay off in better decisions, like the latest on Title X funds and abortion. The latest Ninth Circuit decision also reflects the willingness of President Trump to actually uphold the laws passed by Congress, a refreshing change from both parties’ norms. 

Statement from the Press Secretary
LAW & JUSTICE | Issued on: February 25, 2020

President Trump’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable is unwavering, and we applaud yesterday’s Ninth Circuit decision upholding our Title X regulation. This regulation protects the unborn by ensuring Title X grants are allocated as Congress intended – and not as abortion providers or abortion advocacy organizations would prefer. By law, Title X prohibits grant funds from going to programs where abortion is considered a method of family planning. This ruling upholds the Title X regulation that will ensure compliance with that law. The President and his Administration remain committed to advancing pro-life policies.

Truth and Lies About Ukraine


Ukraine in context mapWe were repeatedly treated to lies about Ukraine during the first week of the Democrats’ congressional clown show “impeachment inquiry.” The central lie was that Ukraine was a key security partner against Russia for many years. It is a lie that Ukraine has ever been a key security partner and it is a further lie that Ukraine has been the focus of US policy intended to check Russian re-expansion. Everyone knows this, you know this, at least in your gut. Here are the facts, which do not care about anyone’s feelings:

1991: Ukraine votes for and declares independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist States. Ukraine has over 1,000 nuclear warheads, allegedly without the control and arming codes, but with significant technical knowledge in-house. Weeks before the independence vote, President George H.W. Bush delivers an infamous speech in Kiev, written by Russia and Eastern Europe expert Condoleezza Rice, in which he warned about “suicidal nationalism.” William Safire branded this the “Chicken Kiev speech.” Bush feared that small states declaring their independence would provoke the Russian population, destabilizing the supposedly democratizing new Russia.

The elder President Bush’s most memorable foreign-policy blunder took place in Kiev in 1991, then under Communist rule. With the Soviet Union coming apart, the U.S. president — badly advised by the stability-obsessed “realist” Brent Scowcroft — made a speech urging Ukrainians yearning for independence to beware of “suicidal nationalism.” His speech, which he now insists meant only “not so fast,” was widely taken as advice to remain loyal to Moscow’s empire.

Turkish Trick or Treat?


A young veteran reminded me of the truly ancient roots of conflict in the Middle East, pointing to lines we do not even see on the sand and soil. This prompted me to return to a summary sketch I laid aside months ago, after fleshing out an account of what we now call Iran. Then the House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution condemning the Ottoman Empire for committing the first genocide of the 20th Century…and 12 Republicans joined Rep. Ilhan Omar in opposing the resolution! What? Why? What follows is a single summary of the other three big players, historically, now known as Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Iran and Egypt can point to the most ancient civilizations, as their progenitors were contemporary regional powers. The clash between them was captured in the ancient Hebrew texts, as the Jewish people were caught in the middle. Saudi Arabia comes next, with claims to punching far above their weight with armies fired by the fervor of a new faith, and more recently of being the secular and religious guardians of the faith. Finally, the Turks can claim to have been the most successful and latest power to rule the region for centuries after imposing final defeat on the (Christian) Eastern Roman empire.

Saudi Arabia:

Build “the Wall”


A section of the Wall near El Paso, TX, January 19, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

Real walls matter, so long as they are observed and backed by effective enforcement of boundary rules. This is true for the most modest private property and for the most powerful nation. We have seen several encouraging developments in American national sovereignty and regional security in the past week or so. These developments ranged from at least a temporary green light for border wall construction, to an important power in the hemisphere declaring Hezbollah a terrorist group.

Alas Acosta


Is Alex Acosta a tragic figure? By Paul Mirengoff’s account at Power Line Blog, rehearsed and elaborated over the past two years, Alex Acosta is a man on the make, a social-political climber. His aspiration: the comfortable security and status of a federal judgeship. To gain that prize, Mirengoff claims, Acosta spent his time in both the George W. Bush and Trump administrations carefully not offending powerful Democratic Party interests. That is, Acosta passive aggressively sabotaged his presidents’ stated policies. Maybe so, maybe no.

Alex Acosta was invited to walk out with President Trump Friday morning, addressing the press alongside the president. This was a resignation, but one in which President Trump and his Secretary of Labor would concede nothing. What he and President Trump got was a sound byte summary of unheralded achievements that matter to real Americans.

Truth Cries Out


Walking through downtown Mesa, AZ, the Monday after the Mueller report news broke, one of the public art statues leaped out at me. A newsboy stands astride his stack of newspapers, waving a copy over his head and shouting out the news. The front page has a one-word headline, all caps and bold: “TRUTH.” What a contrast to the sordid state of our current “journalism.”

The background is littered with paint cans and construction barriers. This is part of a facade renovation for downtown Main Street. How much more does our news business need renovation?

Walking by the same spot a few hours later, the facade work was done. Yet, there was no change in the businesses behind the facade. This was no reality television business makeover, with retrained staffs and refreshed concepts.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America fume after a federal judge decides the debate over whether women should have to register for the draft has gone on long enough and rules the all-male draft is unconstitutional.  They also defend California Sen. Dianne Feinstein after supporters of the Green New Deal send small children to beg Feinstein to join their cause.  Then Jim unleashes a powerful response as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions whether the planet is in such peril that young people should no longer have children.  And they have their favorite catch phrase ready as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bashes Pres. Trump and says he misses President George W. Bush, whom Reid derided as a loser and a liar a decade ago.

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It is quite interesting to note that both President George W Bush and President Obama utilized the National Guard to secure the borders when it was believed that there was an emergency requiring such use. Here is a link to the citations, and Also this document provides a legal background for understanding the military’s role […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see polls showing Republicans inching ahead in the Tennessee and Indiana Senate races, and other key pick-up opportunities are also in reach.  They also hammer President Trump for tweeting his objections to the death toll listed for last year’s hurricanes in Puerto Rico, especially as another major storm is making landfall.  And they react to George W. Bush hitting the midterm campaign trail for several candidates, but not for Sen. Ted Cruz in his own state.

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I have been thinking about how Trump does politics for a long time now.  It seemed to me at first that Trump was a just a populists.  He was similar to other populists before him and his uniqueness was driven not by his political philosophy but by the circumstances.  Populist are always unique to their […]

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While the FBI is losing important text messages (and a nation’s good opinion), I found on YouTube this clip of one of the last White House Correspondents’ Association dinners of George W. Bush’s presidency (2006). The impersonator, Steve Bridges, passed away in 2012. From the “Here I am” 30 seconds in to the end, it’s […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for painfully explaining to reporters and the public what the family of a fallen service member goes through and why he was stunned at Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson going public with her condemnation of President Trump’s phone call with the grieving widow of a slain soldier.  They also vent their disgust as Wilson reacts to Kelly’s criticism by claiming she is stunned at all the attention she is getting from the White House and planning to tell her children she’s now “a rock star.”  And they roll their eyes as many liberal writers and commentators claim they’ve always thought George W. Bush was a decent guy in the wake of his speech that many see as a rebuke of Trump.  Jim reminds lefties of how they compared Bush to Hitler on a regular basis and accused him knowing about the 9/11 terrorist attacks ahead of time.