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It Wasn’t Our Dog…


When plaintiffs file a wrongful death lawsuit, they know that the defendant will defend the case just like it was a dog bite case: it wasn’t our dog, it didn’t bite you, if it did bite you, you deserved to get bit, and what are you hollering for, because the dog bite didn’t cause your injury.  Now, substitute any kind of tortious or negligent act for “dog bite” and you have the defense bar’s approach to wrongful death cases.

I handled a nursing home wrongful death case in 2014 that took nine years to get to trial.  Every conceivable way a case can be delayed, this case was.  The negligence in the case was horrible.  The 88-year-old victim, whose daughter was a nurse, and had been the Director of Nursing at that institution, testified that her mother was terribly neglected.  The medical records demonstrated that she went 26 days without a single nursing note during a period of time where she lost nearly 20 pounds of body weight.

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I enjoy many of the Hoover events including the GoodFellows series, but this one is particularly excellent and timely.  Roland Fryer’s extensive and rigorous study of police use-of-force provides fascinating and sometimes surprising conclusions useful for anyone trying to understand the recent events roiling the country and what to do about them.  H.R. McMaster’s insights […]

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As the country is rocked by the death of Mr. George Floyd and the resulting civil disorder, Dave hears from two people with crucial front row seats.  First, Ricochet Co-Founder Rob Long calls in from New York City to share what he’s seen downtown and what he sees in the country at large. Then, Ricochet Member Duke Powell calls in from Minneapolis to talk about what happened to George Floyd. Mr. Powell has 36 years of EMS experience, and he retired from the same agency that responded to Mr. Floyd on that awful day. Mr. Powell shares with Dave what protocols should have been followed and where he believes events took a fatal turn.

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Disputed Cause of Death in the George Floyd Case


The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office released a one-page summary report Monday of its autopsy of George Floyd. It supports my speculation, which I first stated on Friday (comment five here) that Mr. Floyd died of a heart attack.  This conclusion has been disputed by medical examiners hired by the lawyers representing Mr. Floyd’s family, which concludes that Mr. Floyd was asphyxiated due to compression of the neck and the back.

The findings of the Hennepin County ME (here), in full, are: